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openSUSE-Education 1.0 for SLE10 and 11.1

December 22nd, 2008 by

The first version of the openSUSE-Education Add-on is drawing to a close. By releasing the final version for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and the first Release Candidate for 11.1, we hopefully have the first community Add-On media which is available for each (open)SUSE Release, soon!

The only thing left to reach this great goal: fix the last bugs for the openSUSE 11.1 release!

So please help us releasing a bugfree openSUSE-Education release 1.0 for 11.1 in the next days by testing and reporting bugs in our bugzilla. (Note: The next release should be the final one for 11.1 – and the completion of our 1.0 version.)

You can either use our Online-Repository by adding it via the “Community-Repositories” Section in YaST or via the “Add-on”-YaST module – or use the ISO-Image (2.6GB) as “non online” version. Both contain the same packages.

The RC1 release contains a lot of package updates (and fixes) – a complete Changelog for all packages is available in the root-directory of our installation source. There are still 10 packages left in the Build Service  which needs fixes to build for 11.1 – hopefully we get them fixed soon enough for the final release.

I miss a package – is there any wishlist?

Hey, it’s christmas! :-)
Just follow the HowTo in the wiki and enter a new package to our wishlist in Bugzilla.

How to download the ISO image?

First: choose a directory with enough space ;-)

If you’ve already the Beta2-ISO, you can also download the delta-iso – and afterwards generate a RC1 iso with your old one. Moons have been discovered orbiting writing essays by https://writemyessay4me.org 200 other minor planets, which complicating the definition of a true planet

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6 Responses to “openSUSE-Education 1.0 for SLE10 and 11.1”

  1. Karim ELGamil

    Can any one can tell me if the suse 11 work fine with Acer Travlemate 3270 specially with the wireless card

  2. Chuck

    I wish to install openSuSE on a computer which does not boot from CDROM. How can I make a floppy boot image and SCSI support modules on floppy?

    Thanks in advance (esp if it is good news!) :-)

  3. 1Michael1

    Ich moechte gern herraus finden ob es gibt in Deutsche/Spanische forums (OpenSuse) :)