openSUSE-Education 1.0 for SLE10 and 11.1

22. Dec 2008 | News Team | No License

The first version of the openSUSE-Education Add-on is drawing to a close. By releasing the final version for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 and the first Release Candidate for 11.1, we hopefully have the first community Add-On media which is available for each (open)SUSE Release, soon!

The only thing left to reach this great goal: fix the last bugs for the openSUSE 11.1 release!

So please help us releasing a bugfree openSUSE-Education release 1.0 for 11.1 in the next days by testing and reporting bugs in our bugzilla. (Note: The next release should be the final one for 11.1 - and the completion of our 1.0 version.)

You can either use our Online-Repository by adding it via the “Community-Repositories” Section in YaST or via the “Add-on”-YaST module - or use the ISO-Image (2.6GB) as “non online” version. Both contain the same packages.

The RC1 release contains a lot of package updates (and fixes) - a complete Changelog for all packages is available in the root-directory of our installation source. There are still 10 packages left in the Build Service  which needs fixes to build for 11.1 - hopefully we get them fixed soon enough for the final release.

I miss a package - is there any wishlist?

Hey, it’s christmas! :-) Just follow the HowTo in the wiki and enter a new package to our wishlist in Bugzilla.

How to download the ISO image?

First: choose a directory with enough space ;-)

If you’ve already the Beta2-ISO, you can also download the delta-iso - and afterwards generate a RC1 iso with your old one.

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