Update: download.opensuse.org Restored

12. Mar 2009 | News Team | No License

Good news, everybody! The download.opensuse.org and stage.opensuse.org systems are now fully restored, and all services should now be available.

DNS has been changed to point to the new system from widehat, which is standing by in the event that the new system were to go down. We also have a second system that will be configured to back up download.opensuse.org and stage.opensuse.org in the near future.

We apologize for any inconvenience. The openSUSE infrastructure is one of our top priorities. As mentioned previously, we will continue improving the openSUSE Project infrastructure and working to ensure that we have as little downtime as possible.

Thanks much to Peter Poeml for his work over the last two days to resolve this situation, as well as Christian Schneemann, Nat Friedman and his team, and everyone else who jumped to get this fixed as quickly as possible.

We appreciate the patience and words of encouragement to the openSUSE team while this was being fixed.

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