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Archive for April 2nd, 2009

Final Reminder: Student Applications Due Friday at 19:00 UTC for Google Summer of Code

April 2nd, 2009 by

Just a final reminder: The Google Summer of Code applications are due for students tomorrow by 19:00 UTC.  Get those applications in now, folks! (That’s Friday, April 3.) We’ve posted about GSoC previously here and here.

Mentors: If you’re not signed up in the Google system yet, please do so. If you’ve signed up, please be sure to also subscribe to the gsoc-mentors@opensuse.org mailing list. (gsoc-mentors+subscribe@opensuse.org)

Have questions? Join #opensuse-project or #opensuse-gsoc for openSUSE-specific questions. Join #gsoc on Freenode for general questions about Summer of Code. If the question isn’t addressed in the Google FAQ, drop me an email.

Google is highly unlikely to extend the deadline, so get those apps in now or be prepared to wait until GSoC 2010.

KDE Bug Squashing and Packaging Day: Sunday April 5, 2009

April 2nd, 2009 by

Will Stephenson has announced that the KDE team will be having a bug squashing and packaging workshop day on Sunday, April 5:

I’m happy to announce that we’re having a bug squashing and packaging workshop  day this Sunday, the 5th of April.  This is being run in tandem with an upstream KDE bug squashing event running all weekend, so we can effectively sort bugs that are specific to openSUSE out from those that upstream KDE should know about.

For bug squashing, join #kde-bugs and #opensuse-kde on Freenode IRC.

For packaging, the KDE Team will be around #opensuse-kde from 1200CEST (that’s  10:00UTC) and I will present a couple of packaging tutorials and answer questions.   If you have an interest in learning to package and have not already mailed me, please send me a personal mail so I can call for
reinforcements if necessary.

See you on Sunday!