Announcing the openSUSE Ambassadors Program

27. May 2009 | News Team | No License

Want to help spread the word about the openSUSE Project and encourage more people to become part of the openSUSE Community? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and spread the word about the openSUSE Project? Do you want to teach new users about Linux, speak about openSUSE at local events, help distribute openSUSE media, and mentor new contributors to the openSUSE Project? Then you’re ready to become an openSUSE Ambassador!

What do Ambassadors Do?

Since this is a new program for openSUSE, the Ambassadors will help define the role over time. But the general scope is clear: openSUSE Ambassadors help introduce openSUSE (the distribution and the project) to new users and contributors.

Ambassadors act as evangelists for the openSUSE Project and free and open source software. They help to mentor new users and contributors by answering questions on the mailing lists and in forums, by assisting users at installfests, or by helping new contributors get started with the openSUSE project.

openSUSE Ambassadors help to spread openSUSE DVDs at events, to local Linux User Groups, schools, universities, and businesses that might benefit from using openSUSE. Ambassadors staff booths at Linux events and answer questions about openSUSE, and explain the benefits of the project and how to get started with openSUSE.

Ambassadors promote the project and spread openSUSE by speaking at events, LUG meetings, computer user groups, or any group that might be interested in learning about the openSUSE Linux distribution and openSUSE Project. Ambassadors help bring new contributors to the project and help them become productive within the project.

In general, openSUSE Ambassadors are friendly openSUSE enthusiasts who help introduce openSUSE to new users and contributors. Ambassadors make “first contact” with new Linux users and help them get started and excited about openSUSE and Linux. They spread excitement about the project and (of course) have a lot of fun.

Signing Up

If you’d like to sign up for the openSUSE Ambassador Program, see the “How do I Join?” section on the openSUSE wiki. If you have questions about the Ambassador’s program not answered on the wiki, feel free to bring them up on the openSUSE Marketing mailing list.

You don’t need approval to get started. Just follow the steps on the openSUSE wiki and have a lot of fun!

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