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openSUSE Forums Hits 30,000 Users!

June 27th, 2009 by

Short but sweet post here: Getting a few numbers on community growth for the openSUSE Day introduction at LinuxTag, I noticed that the openSUSE Forums have now passed 30,000 users!

That’s pretty amazing considering that we started the merged forums on June 10, 2008. In about one year’s time, we’ve seen more than 30,000 people sign up for the forums.

Congrats to everyone who works on the forums, and everyone in the community who has participated!

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10 Responses to “openSUSE Forums Hits 30,000 Users!”

  1. 30,000 represent the truth about what suse has become.
    Thank you for the good work.

  2. greenmachine

    Good show! I have always been most impressed with the level of courtesy and professionalism on the openSUSE forums. Keep it up!

  3. Keep it up guys great job you all are doing!

  4. Jim

    Awesome work guys. openSUSE is really coming along

  5. rickie

    Great work guys…. a perfect of what openSUSE is in the community.. Keep it up

  6. jota87r

    Keep it up!! openSUSE is the best linux distro that i’ven seen

  7. manchette

    Franckly i doubt that the number of users equals the number of people really involved.

  8. Jacqueline

    Except that they are selectively banning users without explanation. I signed up yesterday, posted about 6 times in different threads, even started a thread on Windows and SuSE, Windows not on the main partition of a sata2 drive. When I checked my email shortly after I signed off the forum I found an email saying I had been banned forever as a spammer. I was deeply hurt by that email and they have not replied to my request for an explanation.

  9. Jacqueline

    I also noticed that a moderator had started an attack on one user along with, as he called them, “his friends”. They jumped on a guy asking for help. Insulted him, belittled him, then when he struck back they complained as if he had done it out of the blue. He was banned and the others went scott free. I made a neutral comment that it seemed both sides had misbehaved. That is probably what got me banned, but the explanation was that I was a spammer. I only posted 6 posts. I was not aware there was a limit.

    So don’t celebrate too hard about the 30,000 users. Look at what kind of tyranny is happening behind the scenes. All of my posts and my thread were deleted.

    • PeterPac

      You can join the opensuse.us forum if you wish as we are separate from the joint SUSE forum. Our reason was to keep the forum smaller and more personal which large forums seem to lose. Just go to http://www.opensuse.us and click on forum and enroll.