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5. May 2010 | Andreas Jaeger | No License

For our openSUSE distributions, we release regularly updates to fix security issues and general bugs.  As desktop user, you get notified in GNOME and KDE via the updater apps about new packages once they run (normal setup is once a day).

Security announcements are send out via the opensuse-security-announce mailing list (subscribe via lists.opensuse.org).  To get informed about all updates as soon as they are released, you can read the opensuse-updates mailing list  (subscribe via lists.opensuse.org) and now follow also the new Twitter user @openSUSE_Update Follow openSUSE_Update on Twitter.

We also have two RSS feeds: openSUSE Maintenance All Updates and openSUSE Maintenance Security Updates.

Btw. the SUSE Linux Enterprise folks liked the @openSUSE_Update Twitter account so much that they setup a similar mechanism for SUSE Linux Enterprise updates, just follow @SUSE_SLE_Update on TwitterFollow SUSE_SLE_Update on Twitter.

Thanks to Dirk for driving this and for Klaas for his work on Hermes that allowed this!

openSUSE on Twitter

Speaking about twitter, there are a couple more openSUSE project accounts you might want to know:

  • @openSUSE - English speaking official openSUSE project Twitter

  • ** **@openSUSE_DE- The German speaking openSUSE project Twitter

  • @OBSHermes - a tweet for each checkin to the openSUSE:Factory development version

The @openSUSE account has a number of lists with other twitter users from the openSUSE project that you can check for additional accounts. To be added to one of them, please send a DM to @openSUSE.

Happy Twittering,

Andreas or @jaegerandi

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