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openSUSE Forums – vBulletin Upgrade Complete

July 1st, 2010 by

The vBulletin software that is the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ behind the openSUSE Forum has just undergone a major upgrade from v3 to v4. This resulted in some considerable down time on 30 June 2010. However, the results are impressive and openSUSE Forums now has a completely new look. It’s more than that though, the upgrade adds a much improved look and feel. The Forum Team expect some teething problems, as well as much discussion and opinion about the change. As far as changes go, I’d put this on a par with the kde move from 3 to 4. The dust will settle soon enough. Be assured the Forum Staff will be ready and willing to offer advice and assistance relating to this and of course normal help/advice with openSUSE.

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4 Responses to “openSUSE Forums – vBulletin Upgrade Complete”

  1. Holy cow.. it’s like a forum for the blind (I think everything is WAY TOO BIG).

    Other then that.. and the Reply to Thread button timing out on me.. I think a few inconsistencies no the site in general should be fixed (ie in forum view, the top bar is a hover over drop down, and on other pages like software, it’s a click drop down).

  2. Hi!, I also run a vbulletin 3.x forum, and also have separated subdomains for news and forum, I also use vbseo,
    could you provide a guideline about how did you do the migration? :)

    Thanks!!! :) and congratulations! :)

  3. oldcpu

    This vBulletin update is looking pretty good to me. In particular the How-To’s/FAQ’s are looking much more professional now, and are reflecting a lot better the many hours of work that went into their creation.

    Also, I note there is still ‘ongoing tuning’ taking place, and various features that users liked on the old setup are being tuned into the new setup, and what I saw this morning when I logged on is much better than what I saw yesterday morning when I logged on. (and I thought it was also good yesterday morning). (For example my comments about the size function has been fixed, and my comment about excessive space in looking for new posts has also been addressed – all VERY nice).

    Overall, I think its pretty good!

  4. caf4926

    You should contact Kim our Tech Admin. Be warned, he is a busy man.