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openSUSE Strategy: the third and fourth part of the trilogy!

October 7th, 2010 by

Hi all,Future Lizard!\

The last week we again received over 100 comments on the first and second part of our strategy. A few refinements came in on our description of our target users, but most of the input was on the second part about what we offer. We have again incorporated all the comments into the document and a new iteration can be found on co-ment.

And now, the third piece of text has been added: What does openSUSE not do? Besides this, we added some ‘background information’ to the strategy, including ideas on our competition, what openSUSE might gain and loose from this strategy and how openSUSE should look like in 2 years from now.

Like with “Target Users” and “What does openSUSE offer it’s users” we would really appreciate it if you could give your input on co-ment but we will accept any kind of input on any channel we can follow. So if co-ment isn’t your thing, feel free to comment below this post, on the forums or anywhere else. For those new to co-ment – it is a pretty awesome commenting tool under the GNU Affero GPL.

Giving your input on co-ment will make the discussion a bit more structured and easier for everyone to follow. How-to: select some text you want to comment on (a word, a few words, a sentence) and choose the little yellow + sign on the top-left of the page to add your comment. If you click a colored section of the text, you can see the comments which have been made to that section it and add your own voice to the discussion. Easy peasy!

You can find the document here. And for reference here the openSUSE Strategy portal on the wiki. Please have fun!

Your strategy team

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7 Responses to “openSUSE Strategy: the third and fourth part of the trilogy!”

  1. dilbert

    Trilogies have three part by definition. Not four.

  2. Kjetil Kilhavn

    Perhaps in the fifth part (more fish, anyone?) something about interoperability should be included, if I am correct in understanding that to be one of the key distinguishing features of SUSE/openSUSE. I also think it is important for most people, yet taken for granted. However, it’s really annoying when there’s trouble.
    Not only do I want my computer to “just work” – I want it to “just work” without problems with my NAS for shared file storage, my wife’s iMac (OK, that’s asking a bit much as Apple does its utmost to not play nice even with a standard NAS) and with a computer running Windows if my wife has to bring home her laptop from work to finish something before next morning.

    I’ve stuck with SUSE/SLED/openSUSE and KDE since SUSE release 7.1 – and I don’t think I will be swithcing the next five years either. openSUSE powers both my personal (desktop) computer and my work (laptop) computer – lucky me :-)

    • Kjetil Kilhavn

      Well, it’s quite lame to reply to one self, but since I can’t edit and didn’t state what’s (to me) fairly obvious…
      The right place for mentioning the interoperability would be in the “what openSUSE offers” section.

  3. The increasingly misnamed trilogy, you mean…