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Archive for October 28th, 2010

openSUSE Conference big success

October 28th, 2010 by

“Collaboration Across Borders” – Under this moto the openSUSE Community received in Nuremberg several hundreds of Free Software enthusiasts and contributors. Giving a strong statement to it’s moto, the openSUSE Conference received ambassadors from the Fedora Project and Debian Project as well as people from Mandriva/Mageia, Slackware, Skolelinux and many other distributions. Moreover, many downstream projects presented their work, seeking cooperation with the openSUSE community.

Group photo

Compared to last year the openSUSE conference grew over 30% from 225 to 290 visitors and we heard many comments about how well organized it was. As Thomas Thym wrote in his blog, it was an event for and by the openSUSE community – not the kind of conference where anyone tells anyone else what to do or what has to happen. Read the Conference impression to get a little taste of the event!

We selected a few exciting things and results from the conference – obviously much more has happened, planet openSUSE and the various mailing lists are currently full of after-conference activity.