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openSUSE Announces Third Development Milestone Evaluating systemd

November 11th, 2010 by

Delayed by a week due to a critical bug that would have prevented testing, the openSUSE project today announces openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 3 (M3), the third of six milestone releases of what will become openSUSE 11.4. The bug, a crash in the software rasterizer of the Mesa OpenGL stack, was found by our automated test suite and the openSUSE XOrg developers swung into action so that KDE would work on systems without hardware acceleration, which includes most virtual machines.

systemd, the alternative init system, becomes available for testing in M3 with version 11.  To test systemd, install it, then reboot with init=/bin/systemd as described by Andreas Jaeger. Otherwise, the existing SysV init is used.

M3 includes Gnome 2.32 on the desktop, including metacontact support in the Empathy instant messenger and Banshee 1.8 with Amazon MP3 store plugin, KDE 4.5.3, and a number of independent updates including version 0.11 of the Arora browser, the chemistry tool Avogadro 1.0.1 and Licq 1.5, introducing XMPP support to this venerable IM client.

On the productivity front, M3 includes LibreOffice 3.2.99,  a host of additional optional packages for KOffice such as lcms2 giving better colour management and image processing options, and Digikam 1.5.0 including automated lens correction while batch processing multiple images,

Mono 2.8 replaces Mono 2.6 and adds C# 4.0, an new garbage collector and many performance improvements.

At the lower level, Linux kernel 2.6.36 is in, along with smartmontools 5.40 brings SSD support, and Wireshark 1.4 brings many performance improvements and memory footprint reductions.

Due to a new liblzma, delta ISOs from M2 to M3 must be applied using a new version of deltarpm.  Stephan Kulow provides this in his home:coolo Build Service project.

A list of most annoying bugs can be found here. We look forward to your bug reports and test experiences. Automated testing and the openSUSE Factory team have been active to ensure that your download of  M3 will be at least minimally functional.

The next milestone is scheduled for November 25.  openSUSE 11.4 is planned to be released in March 2011.

(Title image by aid85, BY-CC-NA 2.0, original here)

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8 Responses to “openSUSE Announces Third Development Milestone Evaluating systemd”

  1. Will this put back the final release a week from Thu, Mar 10 2011?

    Not a compliant on my part, just curious to see if it increases the chance of the Multitouch input layer from X.Org Server 1.10 being sneaked in at the last moment……..

  2. Eliasse Diaite

    Hi gentleman,

    You missed to comment in this post the new behavior of the YaST package management module. I noticed that the installation process of the packages is divided in two sequences. First all packages are downloaded, then in a second step installed. The process is speed up thanks to the wonderful download back-end aria2.

    Anyway there is a small detail I want to mention here about this changing. If the user has added several repositories like in my case and packages on the server side have been updated between the time the module has been launched and the time the download process started, the packages will not be installed unless the user starts again the module after having refresh the repositories.

    I hope that the development team is working on a better idea how to avoid the interruption between the sequences mentioned above.

    I am an early tester of our beloved distribution and this is just a small contribution to the improvement of it.

    openSUSE Linux is unbreakable. Have a lot of fun…

  3. Would it be a possibility to try to squeeze in the ~200 line kernel patch to improve the Desktop experience?

    Information regaring the patch can be found here [www.phoronix.com]:

  4. What about problem with proprietary nvidia driver 260.19 which cause KDE 4.5 plasma desktop to crash with floating point exception error ??

  5. Phantom

    Well, Today is November 25!!! Where is the milestone 4? Im waiting for download and install…

  6. Sarim

    Wow, Great, but Where’s the milestone 4 ?