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openSUSE Announces Development Milestone Six of Six

January 28th, 2011 by

openSUSE project manager Stephan Kulow has announced that openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 6 (M6) is ready for testing.  With M6, the pace of development is starting to slow down as the focus switches towards QA and bug fixing.

The project has been evaluating systemd vs SysV init to manage system and service startup, and has decided to stay with SysV init for 11.4 due to issues in getting the last 10% of the integration perfect.

M6 sees the completed removal of the HAL hardware abstraction layer, to be replaced with the more up-to-date and actively maintained udev, udisks and upower suite.  HAL was already scheduled for removal in 11.3, but it was retained while the last few software packages which depend on it were ported to udev and company.

Branding and artwork has had a lot of attention, with the addition of the final wallpapers, splash screens and branding for 11.4.  The default wallpaper is called Celadon Stripes, taking its inspiration from the color codename for this release.

New software added in Milestone 6 includes the WebYaST stack.  WebYaST is the web-based admin tool developed for SLES, now available for openSUSE. Professional sysadmins and those who just like to comfortably administer their openSUSE servers will appreciate WebYaST.  Also on the server side, the latest versions of the Horde groupware suite are now in openSUSE.

Software updates this milestone include the update of XOrg to 7.6, VirtualBox 4.0.2, GnuCash 2.4, and Scribus 1.3.9.  A lively discussion on the opensuse-factory list about whether to include the stable Firefox 3.6.13 or a Firefox 4 beta centered around the limited availability of popular extensions for version 4 versus the short upstream maintenance period of Firefox 3 releases.  As this article was published, the discussion was leaning towards taking a Firefox 4 beta and online-updating it to the final release when it becomes available.

Updates are flowing thick and fast to the KDE workspace and applications.   KDE 4.6RC2 is on M6, and will be updated to 4.6.0 final for the first Release Candidate.  The accompanying flurry of application releases include Amarok 2.4.0, Digikam 1.8.0, KOffice 2.3.1, k3b 2.0.2, KDevelop 4.2, KMyMoney 4.5, Rekonq 0.6 and BlueDevil 1.0.1.  Fans of the Oxygen style will also see it in GTK applications, thanks to the native port of Oxygen to a GTK style in the form of the oxygen-gtk package .

As the GNOME project prepares for GNOME 3, the focus at openSUSE is on stabilisation and polish to GNOME 2.32.  Bugfixes to PulseAudio, GDM and gnome-main-menu will ensure that 11.4 brings incremental refinement to GNOME users. Clutter 1.5 is included to support the latest available preview of gnome-shell, and the gramps genealogy tool is added in version 3.2.5.  The GNOME team is preparing an 11.4-based Live CD that will include GNOME 3 when it is released in March.

The XFCE desktop is updated thanks to the hard work of the community to version 4.8, bringing with it network transparent file management, a rewritten panel,  menus editable with Alacarte, and improved packaging and installation selections for openSUSE.

A list of most annoying bugs is being compiled; please check it before installing. We look forward to your bug reports and test experiences too. Automated testing and the openSUSE Factory team have been active to ensure that your download of M6 will be at least minimally functional.

Release Candidate 1 is scheduled for February 10 and brings with it a hard freeze.  openSUSE 11.4 is planned to be released in March 2011.

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29 Responses to “openSUSE Announces Development Milestone Six of Six”

  1. Tsiolkovsky

    way cool, that KDE SC 4.6 will get into this release. Can’t wait for it. BTW. The link to final version of KDE SC 4.6.0 is broken (it points to Amarok 2.4.0 announcement)

  2. Alex Bars

    I just love openSUSE!!

  3. Eliasse Diaite

    Hi Will,

    Thanks a lot for this announcement. I already downloaded the 64 Bit DVD iso but I am still having a problem to burn it using either K3B or Brasero.

    Both applications ask me to insert an empty DVD even though the one in the drive has never been used.

    Is the iso file maybe to big to be burned on a raw disk?

    Anyway have a lot of fun and many thanks to the whole development team.

    openSUSE Linux is unbreakable.

    • Will Stephenson

      Yes, the DVD did come out too large. We’ve added an AutoQA check for this.

      As discussed on the factory list , you can workaround by using the downloaded DVD on a second machine as a network install source, or you could dd it to a sufficiently large USB stick.

      • Eliasse Diaite

        Hi Will,

        Thanks for the provided information. Anyway I have a question even though I am a longtime and experienced user of (open)SUSE.

        Is it possible to mount a iso file to the root filesystem at runtime and use it as a repository? As a reminder I refer to the YaST module offering such a possibility. I have enough free space on my hard disk to keep the iso file as long as necessary.

        Once again best regards to the whole development team and all the contributors.

        Have a lot of fun …

        openSUSE Linux is unbreakable.

  4. great work…

  5. A

    Thanks alot. Mono is an important part of your distribution which I like it. What about that?

  6. JP P


    I try to download the last Milestone but I can’t burn it on a DVD as the iso is a little bit too big.
    K3B refuse to burn,
    Brasero says the image 4,42Go is bigger then disk capacity 4,38Go.
    I try some other brands of DVDRW without any luck.


  7. Mike

    I tried M6 and unfortunately it still does not appear to have kernel support for SATA 6 drives using the Marvell controller set. Will that change at this point prior to final?

    Thanks for all your dedication and hard work. I’ve been using SuSE since release 6.1.

    • Martin

      Hi there.

      Does that mean I can not use a Crucial C300 or Crucial M4 (once it is available) on a SATA-3 Port with Suse 11.4?
      As I am planning to move to exactly on of these SSDs this would be a Showstopper for me… :-(

      Kind Regards,

  8. versio

    is there a nasty live usb bug? I cant get it to boot through live usb made by dd. Havent got any cds with me .dont want to go virtual either.

    boot screen looks great and couple of seconds later live image is not found..

  9. LEN

    I’ve been coming up with a GRUB error. It doesn’t find the libc.so.6 pre-req and doesn’t install grub. This is an install on VirtualBox 3.2.12 and 4.0.2.

  10. Peter

    What about automounting exFAT drives – i know there is support for FUSE so why not to implement?

  11. termix


    will openSUSE 11.4 have supprot form synaptic click pad and Intel GMA HD?
    I did not see this mentioned anywhere.


  12. alex.cohen

    Is the ugly pixelish font-rendering in firefox/open office /gnome of Suse 10.3 up until 11.3 now fixed or is this still the no-go to use SUSE ?? If Suse had fonts rendered like Redhat/fedora/ubuntu I would love it.

  13. Lilian

    There is one problem with openSuse 11.4(tried only in this version but I’m sure it is in every version).

    Bad that the bug reports get response after a few years(from past experience)…

    I need to connect to the Internet through PPPoE over Wireless, in Ubuntu I write in the terminal “sudo pppoeconf” and I’m ready to go.
    In openSuse it doesn’t work but I heard that you have to configure it through DSL Settings, I tried and configured it kind of correctly, for wireless BUT it asked me to download and install a package “install-atm-dsl” if I’m not wrong, and sure I wasn’t able to download it without internet… Is it hard to integrate it by default?

  14. Ben

    I have to say opensuse is the best looking distro out. Doing a great job. I’m testing on a virtual machine now, but I will probably install this weekend to test more. thanks

  15. This is amazingly Stable for a pre Release Candidate build. I can’t wait to try the Release Candidate.

  16. eklus

    I can’t boot from harddisk. Well, I can in safe mode. but not otherwise. I have even deleted all partitions and let OpenSuse handle the re-partitioning at time of installation. Still the same, after the initial bootscreen which allows for the choice between safe mode and normal boot, the screen goes black, the harddisk falls silent and that’s it.

  17. black screen

    Please include Sandy bridge graphics support.
    Without it, it will be another release, which is obsolete even before it is released.
    Note that Ubuntu 11.04 beta 2 had Sandy bridge graphics support on February 3rd.

    • Will Stephenson

      Yes, Sandy Bridge will be supported in 11.4.

      • Hayo S.

        No, it is not supported! It produces unreadable menus even in the selection menu for the environment to use (KDE, Gnome…). In KDE around 50% of the menus are not readable at the top half. You cannot use it.
        [core i5-2500k, H67 chipset]

  18. Jadis

    Just try RC1 on AMD Ontario, cant finish EFI mode installation, is the known issue?