Welcome GNOME 3! We have a present for you…

8. Apr 2011 | Bryen Yunashko | No License

Front of Live DVD cover

Dear GNOME 3,

So, you’re born, and we here at openSUSE Project are very excited to welcome you into the world.  We’ve been watching with anticipation and excitement as the many thousands of developers and contributors mobilized around the world to make your first steps into this world a reality. The videos and plethora of information shown on gnome3.org make clear that you’re very welcome!

A little present

You are surely be the most anticipated GNOME ever and we congratulate your proud parents with their achievement! Of course, we also feel very proud as we are closely related and have done our very best to help bring you into this world. While you are still young, we are already very impressed with what you can do and we therefor have decided to help your friends and supporters tell the world about you!

Building on our strong technology we have created 10.000 Live DVD’s to present you in all your glory. These will be given to the GNOME Foundation who will take care of distributing them all around the world and handing them out at events!

We hope you will enjoy the present!


For openSUSE users, GNOME 3 will be available next week from the GNOME Stable repository. The GNOME team wants to ensure it is stable before unleashing it on you all. Of course, experimental packages are available already, see link above.

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