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Welcome GNOME 3! We have a present for you…

April 8th, 2011 by

Front of Live DVD cover

Dear GNOME 3,

So, you’re born, and we here at openSUSE Project are very excited to welcome you into the world.  We’ve been watching with anticipation and excitement as the many thousands of developers and contributors mobilized around the world to make your first steps into this world a reality. The videos and plethora of information shown on gnome3.org make clear that you’re very welcome!

A little present

You are surely be the most anticipated GNOME ever and we congratulate your proud parents with their achievement! Of course, we also feel very proud as we are closely related and have done our very best to help bring you into this world. While you are still young, we are already very impressed with what you can do and we therefor have decided to help your friends and supporters tell the world about you!

Building on our strong technology we have created 10.000 Live DVD’s to present you in all your glory. These will be given to the GNOME Foundation who will take care of distributing them all around the world and handing them out at events!

We hope you will enjoy the present!


For openSUSE users, GNOME 3 will be available next week from the GNOME Stable repository. The GNOME team wants to ensure it is stable before unleashing it on you all. Of course, experimental packages are available already, see link above.

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24 Responses to “Welcome GNOME 3! We have a present for you…”

  1. Wendell MacKenzie

    Upgraded from 2.32 last night using frozcat’s repo. A bit rough…but with a little hacking, all is well. Looking pretty spanky.

  2. openSUSE’s live USB distribution of GNOME3 is definitely one of the finest efforts available and dare say it is superior to what both Fedora and Ubuntu (classic strongholds of GNOME) have managed.

    However they still have a long way to go. Their package management needs work e.g. the YaST based installer needs to be replaced with PackageKit. They need to rethink the experience of having multiple repos enabled (as this is required for GNOME3 so far and is a mess in openSUSE compared to Ubuntu and Fedora). YaST as a whole needs to die in favor of new GNOME3 system tool experiences, having a monster sized root only application that manually messes with config files is so.. 1990 and so error prone.

    I have started selecting patches from Ubuntu which intend to fix the desktop foundation experience and so far openSUSE has patched packages available, whereas Fedora has ignored them. Despite the patches being upstream and preventing highly reproducible crashing and skipping – shame on you Fedora for totally ignoring this.

    Never the less, GNOME3 rocks and this is a fantastic gift to the world. I am humbled by this donation of effort and dvds, thank you again Novell.

    Aside that, I am pretty pleased with openSUSE’s GNOME3 liveUSB installation on my desktop. The first openSUSE in a while I have been able to live on fulltime without hitting major issues, Crozat did a wonderful job putting it together. The weeks of full time work definitely shows and he has been very responsive to simple bug reports in the comments to his blog (since the Novell bugzilla is beyond scary and openSUSE lacks something as simple and elegant as apport and ubuntu-bug)

    • Jos Poortvliet

      Both the app installer and the bug reporting are being worked on – with some luck, the next openSUSE will have fixed those two gripes you have. Otherwise, YaST is pretty awesome. Sure it’s not special for package management (well it IS powerful, more than most other options, just not easy to use). But it is pretty much the only admin tool offering things like set-up-a-web/dhcp/mail-server-in-5-clicks, vm support, stuff like that… It’s quite powerful for a sysadmin and a normal user would barely need to start it up once we’ve got a new software installer.

      The repository mess – check opensuse.org/Tumbleweed. So yes, there are some things which openSUSE has to fix. But there is also plenty we’re miles ahead in compared to our competition!

      Hope you enjoy your new favorite OS :D

  3. Please don’t start using PackageKit on GNOME — I’m lumbered with it (currently using KDE 4 on OpenSUSE 11.4) and it’s a major PITA, usually failing to do the update. I do all my updates on the command line with zypper.

    Will GNOME 3 work with the open-source Radeon driver which delivers the desktop effects on KDE 4? Or will I need to install fglrx?

    • Will Stephenson

      Sorry, but PackageKit is a GNOME technology. We’re aware of the problems in the KDE updater and are working to fix them.

    • Joseph

      They can take my minimize window button, they can take my maximize window button, but David Nielsen will have to pry YaST from my cold, dead, mouse-clicking finger. :-)

    • cba

      “Will GNOME 3 work with the open-source Radeon driver which delivers the desktop effects on KDE 4?”

      The Gnome shell seems to work only with Radeon graphic cards from R300 onwards, i.e. for the Radeon 9500 and above. The old Radeons 7500, 8500 and 9250 as well as their mobile counterparts apparently do not work with the Gnome shell, although they work without problems with Gnome2/Compiz and KDE4 by using the free radeon driver. In this cases the Gnome fallback mode ist automatically used. If you do not like this fallback mode, then you should use another GUI, e.g. old Gnome 2.

  4. A comment on Crozat’s blog post announcing the 1.0.0 release indicated that Radeon KMS is default and should work well enough to run GNOME3.

  5. Will this also mean a new .iso or a GNOME 3 spin will be available next week?

    • JH


      • Thanks, but that .iso was posted 06-Apr-2011 23:15. Which is after this post was created. And as the third last sentence in this post says, “For openSUSE users, GNOME 3 will be available next week from the GNOME Stable repository.” I prefer to wait for an official openSUSE .iso, which as what I’m asking for, or at least a respin that gets GNOME 3 from the main openSUSE repo.

        • Jos Poortvliet

          There will be an openSUSE repository (currently kind’a experimental still, the GNOME team wants to ensure full stability before they announce it).

          A openSUSE based LiveCD – well, that’s what fcrozat’s LiveCD IS, but you can, once the repository is live, also build your own on susestudio.com and we’ll probably release the ISO of the DVD’s we donate to GNOME.

  6. inami

    Just upgraded to gnome 3.0 and facing some issues.
    Cant find yast or any other suse setting.

    • Anonymous

      Just found out my error.
      Hadn’t installed the gnome shell.
      Now working beautifully.
      Thanks for this gift.

  7. Glibik

    I have a similar attitude to Dr.W. I would very much prefer a new ISO with Gnome3 built in … even if it’s only for a live CD, assuming a complete re-spin may be too much work to put together.

    • Jos Poortvliet

      we’ll most likely release the GNOME 3 DVD’s we give to GNOME. Won’t be very ‘openSUSE’ as it’ll have upstream branding and all, however. But you can create something in SUSEStudio.com once the repository is officially announced :D

  8. Arensis

    How to upgarade gnome 2.32 to gnome 3 ? Help please step by step. Thank’s all helping.

    • inami

      Its quite easy and hard.
      For my case i added the gnome stable repository as said above with a higher priority than the rest.
      Run “zypper ref” (without the quotes) in terminal super user mode.
      Then did “zypper up.” Do not forget to install gnome shell.

  9. jaypeesmith

    Tried it last night but I had to roll back. The Networkmanager update was a problem for me and couldn’t get to Yast2 easily. Hopefully, this will work soon. Gnome 3.0 looks rather promising.

  10. gwaitsi

    Would be good if someone could provide working step-by=step. I have tried a number of ways i.e. 11.4 fresh install with kde and gnome. in all ways i have tried nothing works. i get missing packages, i.e. libnm-util problems with downgrading which trashes system, etc

  11. 6205

    GNOME3 is nice, however, apps which do not integrate well, like Firefox 4 will not use nice new Aidaiwa GTK theme and instead of that are using Clearlooks, what looks like shit..

  12. HD

    Hi all…

    I newby, I have opensuse 11.4 with Gnome 2.32…

    I want to update to Gnome 3, I allready add the Gnome repositories, and look for online-uptade but there is no patch available.

    I don’t know how to update my Gnome…

    do you know?


  13. Don

    How do I make gnome 3 co-exist with my classic gnome ( 2.3### ) in OpenSuse 11.4 ? .. So I can have the choice at log in ! .. can it be done ? … if so .. how ? .. please !
    thank you