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GNOME 3.0 arrives for openSUSE 11.4

April 23rd, 2011 by

The wait is finally over and the much anticipated release of GNOME 3 on openSUSE’s latest distro release, 11.4 is ready for download at a desktop near you.  Frederic Crozat, a member of the openSUSE GNOME Team, has been working tirelessly, burning the midnight oil getting GNOME3 stable enough for you all to use.  See his blog for the full details. Our friends from GNOME Foundation also welcomed GNOME 3 for openSUSE with a welcome tweet.

Detailed instructions can be found at on our GNOME 3.0 page.including:

  • How to install GNOME 3 easily using 1-click install from your favorite Web browser,
  • How to switch from my previous repository (home:fcrozat:gnome3, which will be soon phased out) to the new repository. This is important to continue receiving updates for those who installed the live image on their system.

If you are interested in trying out GNOME 3 but don’t feel like upgrading or installing it right away, you can play with the live cd at http://gnome3.org/tryit.html .

Features in this release

To find an overview of what’s new in GNOME 3, read the official GNOME 3 website. We highlight a few features here, some of which are particularly relevant for openSUSE users.

Activity Bar

GNOME 3 ActivitiesOne of the most exciting features of GNOME 3.0 is the new activity bar. With the activity bar, you can track your todos and day to day activity along with cool features like accessibility, instant messaging, nifty application access and power options. Activity bar replaces your desktop and brings to you a new desktop experience.

NetworkManager integration

openSUSE ships with the latest 0.9 version of NetworkManager. This release brings simplified configuration, support for fast user switching and shared computers as well as integration between “System Connections” and “User Connections”. The new NetworkManager is well integrated in GNOME Shell.


The GNOME community has always put much effort in enabling the use of GNOME software for disabled users. GNOME 3 makes accessibility even more prominent by offering access to a wide range of basic settings directly on the ‘Activities bar’.


A very nice feature of GNOME 3 is the pervasive integration of messaging with gnome-shell. You no longer have to run separate applications to be connected to the world. You can communicate right from within your desktop!


GNOME 3 on openSUSE comes with the GNOME 3 tweak tool allowing you to access some hidden features of GNOME Shell. However, due to the design of GNOME Shell, every aspect of it can be modified relatively easy. GNOME Shell is written in Javascript and building on other modern technologies like CSS. While this might not be as easy accessible as a dialog with buttons it is far more flexible for power users. And we expect that the average user will be more than satisfied with the default configuration options. Of course, future releases of GNOME Shell will probably re-introduce some of the functionality which used to be present in the GNOME 2 desktop. The developers simply have not had time to bring back all the most needed features and based on user feedback, priorities have to be set.

Enjoy GNOME 3 on 11.4, as so many others already have!

Note : Please read known issues before installing GNOME3 on your system.

Article Contributed by Nelson Marques

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17 Responses to “GNOME 3.0 arrives for openSUSE 11.4”

  1. Anonymous


  2. pmccrackan

    Cool, it works well now. Tried both text and 1 click on 64 bit systems.
    Great work! Gnome 3 still feels a little unfinished etc, or maybe I just need to get used to it.
    Only issue I can find is YAST is gone.
    Tried a fix I found in the forums, by removing the “settings” classification to the Yast.desktop file but that does not seem to have worked for me, anyway will if if comes to it I can always use Yast in text mode for now.

  3. okay

    ok, I tried gnome3, now how to I go back to gnome 2. can you please provide the detail steps?

  4. azazello

    OpenGL subsystem completely broken on ATI proprietary drivers(catalyst 11.3)/R6x0 video. Qt-based software (Maya and qtdemo>OpenGL) – just not refresh front buffer, while glxgears – update front buffer with some issues (looks like v-sync)

  5. jsubl2

    I was unable to make a wifi connection after installing gnome 3 from the repo. Any workaround for that.

  6. Peter

    ….thank you guys! This is awesome!

  7. portsample

    Okay- upgraded my T61 laptop to Gnome 3.0…no video driver appropriate for this laptop: therefore Gnome desktop has serious issues, also was not able to get wifi via Network Manager (as warned in the docs) and could not get ifup to recognize wifi. Soooo switched back to 2.x until these issues have fixes or workarounds. Ciao.

  8. squidimon

    It is pretty cool, but I don’t feel like I can change much. It feels really limiting without access to YaST. Is there any way to switch back and forth between GNOME 3 and GNOME 2?

  9. Vladimir

    I installed Gnome3, and the only one I can say is: I am going to wait for openSUSE 12.1 in November 2011, when Gnome3 will be optimized for this distro, Yast2 included.

  10. kkfam

    First look: wow, cooool !!
    Second look: hey , where are my jobs ? where is my desktop ? and Yast ? How can I manage the system ? How can I add my scripts on desktop ? It seems all fixed, very slow and not flexible. After 15 minutes system frozen and I had no clue how come back to gnome 2. I had to repair installation with opensuse 11.4 dvd.
    I think that a lot of job has to be done for stable gnome3. I would not change to kde but this gnome 3 is not good at all. I’m very sad….

  11. Konrad Beringer

    I try gnome3, but:

    1. i’m missing yast

    2. I’m missing control for repository!!

    3. After 3 days running the system switch after restart to GRUB, but there is only suse 11.4 on my system and I found no way to leave the loop!!! MERDE!!!

    I reinstall Gnome 2.4

  12. Puleshe

    Yast is in the terminal. just type yast

  13. Jos Poortvliet

    If you have issues with GNOME 3 and need to go back to GNOME 2, you can do so by removing the repository and doing a “zypper dup”. Either start YaST from the commandline: “sudo /sbin/yast” which will get you the ncurses interface (commandline) or “gnomesu yast2” for the graphical interface (you might have to install gnomesu with “sudo zypper install libgnomesu” first). Or start it with alt-f2 ‘yast’, not sure if that’ll work.

    Either case, there you can remove the GNOME3 repository and downgrade.

    Or you can do it all from the commandline – probably easier:
    open a terminal
    type “su” and give your root pasword
    type “zypper lr” to see a list of your repositories
    type “zypper rr [number]” with the number of the GNOME 3 repository to remove it
    type “zypper ref” to refresh the repositories
    type “zypper dup” to upgrade (removing GNOME 3)

    Good luck :D

  14. :X it’s look soo good. I start to use it in OpenSUSE 11.4. Works soo fast and for now i don’t get any error.

  15. Robert

    Definitely not for productive work! It looks cool in the first 2 minutes, but I can’t live without panels. The programs “menu” is so slow…
    Switching back to gnome 2 at the moment!

  16. DJ

    suse please dont move to gnome3 it sucks