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2. Jun 2011 | Bryen Yunashko | No License

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The openSUSE Conference 2011 has been announced and already we’re getting some strong proposals for topics to cover during our conference.  It’s not too late for you to send in your proposal or even suggest ideas that others can take on!

Goal of the Conference

The RWX3 theme says it all..  Its about collaboration.  Its about you.  And its about what we, as a Project, can do for ourselves and for the world.

That means we are NOT going to be sitting around for four days listening to folks drone all day long while we stare at slide presentations.  It means we all get to roll up our sleeves and jump right into it.  Sure there will be some ‘slide presentation’ sessions (and you can bet we’re going to have some great ones) but the focus will be on hands on and plenty of BoF (Birds of a Feather) sessions where we can all make a direct contribution to the things that impact the Project and FOSS.

And speaking of FOSS, as always, not everything we do is only to benefit openSUSE Project. The Project itself has a strong goal of creating and supporting initiatives that have a much wider scope.  So, if you’ve got a great software or community project you’ve been working on and need the backing of a larger community of contributors, this is the conference you want to bring your initiative to!

How to submit a CFP

If you have something to share, want to teach a workshop or need to solicit input from others on a subject, you can send a talk proposal to the openSUSE Conference paper committee. Following the guidelines & tips for speakers you can submit a paper on the openSUSE Conference website.

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles detailing some of the sessions the Conference Program Team is reviewing.

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