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And the Milestones Keep On Coming!

September 1st, 2011 by

Fire up your virtual machines, get your test machines motoring, and start tweaking your fingers.  It’s testing time!

Image o Factory Assembly LineopenSUSE 12.1’s next milestone 5 is now ready for download.  Thanks to the men and women of openSUSE Factory who kept their eye on the ball with all the wonderful flurry of activities going on in our Project these days, they never lost sight and we’ll be sure to have an awesome final release in November.

There’s a lot of interesting updates to the 12.1 release and some cool new technologies including GNOME 3 and SystemD.  You’ll definitely want to take this milestone for a spin and see what you can expect in 12.1.  And if you’ve never tested before, its easy if you follow these instructions.  Being a tester is one of the great ways of contributing to the free software movement, and there’s plenty of room for testers in openSUSE Project.

As always with any pre-release, there are some known bugs you should read before starting up your test environment.

Here’s some other interesting things you can expect to see when you try Milestone 5:

  • Further changes have been made for systemd to replace the InitV system. The default is still InitV and we encourage testing of systemd so that we can switch the default for the next release.
  • We’re focusing on the GPLed OpenJDK version now, this milestone is the last one that comes with the binary Java provided by Oracle.
  • GNOME 3.1.5 is another step closer to GNOME 3.2
  • glibc has been updated to version 2.14

So, click here as we’d love to hear from you as you begin testing the latest Milestone.  If you already have a previous Milestone installed, simply run “zypper dup” at the command line to update to the latest Milestone.

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21 Responses to “And the Milestones Keep On Coming!”

  1. Jarl E. Gjessing

    Oh no!!! Not the last with the Oracle version of Java!?
    OpenJDK is just not stable enough yet :-(
    I cannot use OpenJDK for bank access etc.

    • Anonymous

      Jarl, unfortunately, check the mail project archive where AJ explain really why.
      Oracle has change the games rules (what a surprise :-))

      Don’t worry too much, oracle will provide its own version. And in the meantime, I’m pretty sure openJDK 7 will (should) do able to do the job

    • Bjorn Stokke

      Not only bank access but also the voting by internet program
      running these days..!

      • Barnaby

        If you need Java just to access your bank or vote online there’s something seriously wrong with making services accessible. I do online banking with two banks as well, and none require Java and work with all the major browsers (i.e. not Midori, Arora, Rekonq, but with FF, Chromium, Opera).

        • anamezon

          Lucky you!!! I also can not use OpenJDK for banking, and it’s the bank that forces Java applets for the web banking, I have no say in the matter :( I hope at least there will be Oracle Java in the Non-OSS repo

        • Kjetil Kilhavn

          It’s a secure authentication solution common to many banks in Norway that requires Java. Most online banks I have tried let you choose between this authentication solution and others, but there are probably also some that don’t.

          • anamezon

            Yep, seems a (Fenno)Scandinavian problem – I am in Finland and my bank (Sampo, which is Danish actually) does not offer Java-less ebanking; and I lost enough neurons trying to make OpenJDK show even the login applet :( so I am sticking with Oracle Java, no matter under what license, I simply have no choice until OpenJDK improves …

  2. Steven Sroka

    Thank you Bryen Yunashko for the awesome article!

  3. OH, i like use opensuse on work.. thx!

  4. last call for KDE front-end to opensuse App-Store in 12.1:


    we are in rapid danger of not having a KDE frontend for the Appstream based app-store.
    despite the fact that the ball started rolling with project bretzn a year ago it appears that it may not make it into 12.1, for the sake of i am told is a small amount of coding*.

    opensuse even sponsored a GSoC project to bring the Ubuntu Software Centre front-end into opensuse, and i believe it went very well so cnograts to the coder involved.

    frank’s time is taken up with owncloud at the momemt, and he had little response to his call for help, so consider this a last call:

    if you want to see a bretzn KDE front-end to the opensuse app-store in 12.1, then step up.

    JBT :)

    * couldn’t code my way out of a wet paper bag.

  5. I think its a great article…wonderful work

  6. The project is awesome.

  7. Bob

    Boots up to 2nd stage, then hangs. Reason unknown, virtual console unavailable. System reacts to power button and performs ordinary shutdown, other keys have no effect whatsoever. Applies to Gnome and KDE (on a Sony portable). Thought it was Kernel 3.0 related, but other 3.0 distros are working. Same phenomenon as all Factory ISOs since several weeks now. Seems that my favorite distro no more likes my hardware.

  8. Pedro Veloso

    Well, a long as the Oracle java can still be installed easily I’m cool with the change. I don’t use OpenJDK as well, as it makes eclipse run way more slower, don’t know why exactly but that’s what it does :\

  9. Maico

    I changed Adwaita’s theme to stay green as openSUSE

    If someone want to see, it’s here:


    And the theme:



    It’s just about some .CSS files. It’s not a new theme. I’ve commented every change in .CSS files.

    I hope it can help openSUSE’s project

    • Michael

      Does your extra work mean that openSUSE doesn’t intend to use green for selecting items and progress bars by default anymore? I hope not. In my opinion the green colors is what made openSUSE Gnome attractive up to now.

  10. Eliasse Diaite

    I just want to use this opportunity and express my thanks to Johannes Obermayer for providing us with the Nouveau driver packages and for keeping the repository up-to-date. He is doing a great job.

  11. Gnome and Nouveau working great.

  12. John

    Any chance of KDE 4.7.1 making into 12.1?