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openSUSE 12.1 Beta Arrives!

October 1st, 2011 by

The much-awaited Beta release of openSUSE 12.1 is here!  And just in time for your weekend Beta Pizza Party.  So fire up thaDownload openSUSE 12.1 Beta now!t oven and warm up that download manager because its time to get ready for the latest awesome openSUSE on your computer.

If you’ve been following us, you know this release was originally called Milestone 6.  However, the release team and its testers agreed this round of testing showed Milestone 6 to be so stable and ready for general testing, they decided to call it Beta.  And that means that if you’ve been thinking about taking a pre-release of 12.1 for a spin before our final release in November, there’s no time like the present.

Testing is even easier nowadays with the ease of setting up a virtual machine so you won’t have to worry about affecting your actual production machine.  Naturally, with any pre-release, you’ll want to check out the list of known bugs to make sure there’s nothing that catches you by surprise. And as with any release, we welcome your reports of any bugs not already found so we can make the final release of openSUSE 12.1 even more awesome.

So what are you waiting for?  Call up your friends and get together for an awesome night of pizza, beer (or root beer), and start downloading here.  We’re sure you’ll be just as excited as we are once you see 12.1 on your machine.

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27 Responses to “openSUSE 12.1 Beta Arrives!”

  1. Llew Weaver

    I want to thank everyone for their hard work getting this beta release together. I’ve installed it on my machine and everything works great!

  2. love opensuse!! up up up.

  3. Hi i have been trying to download 12.1 however there is some problem as it says the download data cannot be read. Thanks anyway. Vibhu (Bangalore-India)

  4. Bob

    Fixed – thank you:
    – system no more freezes during boot
    – is now able to connect to hidden WLAN

    Older Factory builds ok – now broken:
    After changing resolution screen contents are garbled (2 monitors, NVIDIA based graphics, initial default – both @ 1024×768, attempted change to [M1:off M2:1920×1200] renders KDE4 useless).

    • Bob

      Forgot to mention:
      – 64bit versions tested (KDE & Gnome)
      – Gnome exhibits similar problems after screen resolution change

  5. pswzyu

    太牛逼啦, 支持!!

    Great work!

  6. me

    where the release notes?

  7. wojiaowwj

    非常喜欢opensuse。现在好像没有哪个版本更加适合我的笔记本。我用的是opensuseçš„Tumbleweed。I love this version very much.Sorry for my poor English.Now ahthough I want to try this,seems not so necessary.Tumbleweed is perfect for me,and I’m satisfied with kde 4.6.5 now.I just want to ask when can I get kde 4.7?You know,arch and Chakra have it before,even kubuntu’s users can experience it via ppa.But,I do think that you do a great job.This is a wonderful and beautiful news.

  8. vasu

    Does systemd work ? Is it faster than sysinit ? All previous attempts at using systemd (including mandriva 2011) indicate that it is much slower ( twice the amount of boot time compared to opensuse 11.4).

    • @vasu
      Weeeell, systemd seems to work but i failed to see any speed improvements over sysV.
      Plus with systemd:
      1. the idea/notion of runlevels is gone.
      2. the loading bar in the bootsplash doesn’t move.
      3. before the x starts you “get” to see the console for a fiew seconds.

  9. jonathan

    what are the differences between 11.4 and 12.1

  10. Hans Boldt

    I’m looking forward to trying the 12.1 beta. I hope this installs better than 11.4. I stayed with 11.3 since the 11.4 install couldn’t configure the video correctly on the two different machines I tried.

  11. fox_able

    I, also, had problems with 11.4 video; so I stayed with 11.3. I tried 12.1 beta live and this time not problems. I am waiting for RC 1 to try. 12.1 seems very nice.

  12. install beta1 from DVD, or network?

  13. Scott

    Whats the story of the poor download speed..yerr I know mirrors trick but wow, Are the site download servers not performing with the download traffic…I have really checked my end but its all o.k…Can someone have a look at the site download servers performance please or tell me I’m dreaming or there’s comms issues to .AU

  14. Will OpenSuse 12.1 work with Nvidia Optimus for example on a DELL XPS 15? I had to change to Kubuntu because of that and I would be happy if I can change back to Suse. If it work will all 3D Desktopeffects work or just a Subset like in Kubuntu?

    A working VmWare Workstation 8 would be great, too.

  15. agriby

    waiting for release…

  16. 强烈支持啊!就等你们正式版了!

  17. Have they added support for ATT 4G devices? 11.4 cannot recognize mine.

  18. Justin

    Will sax3 or sax2 be pre-installed so i don’t have to?

  19. John

    I’m glad this first Beta worked with most of you. Did a standard install and everything went fine until first boot. The GUI couldn’t start because the nessesary packages were not installed. (xinit failed)

  20. Raj

    Wireless and external projector connections are the only disadvantages I have had with opensuse over MAC and Windows. I had problems several times with opensuse 11.4 while connecting to the external projector. Not to mention, Wireless never worked!

    Shall I hope, at least in 12.1, these two issues will be simplified.

    Thanks for the great work!!