*Updated - we're back* download.opensuse.org celebrates May 1 holiday (it's broken)

1. May 2012 | Will Stephenson | No License

Update: download.opensuse.org is back up, OBS and mirrors are resyncing

After receiving a new disk array, and restoring backups onto it, download.opensuse.org is back up.  The openSUSE Build Service is currently syncing all its repos to it, and then a full mirror rescan will be carried out so that the latest software is on all the mirrors that download redirects to. The temporary redirection has been removed.  The outage is to be discussed at today’s openSUSE Project Meeting.

It’s going to be a quiet May 1 for openSUSE users and contributors, due to a rare two-disk failure on download.opensuse.org, the central site for accessing openSUSE distribution releases and packages.  To work-around the failure, temporarily change your repository URLs using YaST Software Repositories or zypper (or edit the files in /etc/zypp/repos.d) to a nearby mirror.  Normally, requests to download.opensuse.org are redirected automatically to a mirror by the Mirrorbrain software running there.  On Monday, the disk hardware on download failed beyond the level its redundancy is designed to handle.  We are working to restore the system as soon as possible, and will post updates as soon as we have more information.

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