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*Updated – we’re back* download.opensuse.org celebrates May 1 holiday (it’s broken)

May 1st, 2012 by

Update: download.opensuse.org is back up, OBS and mirrors are resyncing

After receiving a new disk array, and restoring backups onto it, download.opensuse.org is back up.  The openSUSE Build Service is currently syncing all its repos to it, and then a full mirror rescan will be carried out so that the latest software is on all the mirrors that download redirects to. The temporary redirection has been removed.  The outage is to be discussed at today’s openSUSE Project Meeting.

It’s going to be a quiet May 1 for openSUSE users and contributors, due to a rare two-disk failure on download.opensuse.org, the central site for accessing openSUSE distribution releases and packages.  To work-around the failure, temporarily change your repository URLs using YaST Software Repositories or zypper (or edit the files in /etc/zypp/repos.d) to a nearby mirror.  Normally, requests to download.opensuse.org are redirected automatically to a mirror by the Mirrorbrain software running there.  On Monday, the disk hardware on download failed beyond the level its redundancy is designed to handle.  We are working to restore the system as soon as possible, and will post updates as soon as we have more information.


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21 Responses to “*Updated – we’re back* download.opensuse.org celebrates May 1 holiday (it’s broken)”

  1. diotima

    I was yesterday forced to go on my system, my installation of 12.1 had problems from the start and I did a lot of effort and attention to the problem is rectified. Unsuccessfully, and then broke yesterday, it all together, what is expected when a system is inconsistent. Even when installing, it must have been problems with you, and I had to install the same again, because the new system does not work.
    But I am referring to the statement that normally will automatically search for a mirror that does not work! I sit on a half-finished system and I can not really help., Because of hand can not currently subscribe Respetorities, the package manager is simply blocked. But I also just a normal user, I am very stubborn though, who can not summon up enough patience, turns away from openSuse, other systems might not be as perfect as opensuse, but also not so susceptible. Let’s hope the damage is fixed soon

  2. l300lvl

    I too hope the damage is fixed as soon as humanly possible. Mainly, because, I see no mirror for tumbleweed of any kind. I see the normal repositories are now redirected to widehat.opensuse.org but it is obvious that there is no mirror for tumbleweed listed there.

    Does anyone know of a mirror for tumbleweed? And, if not, might this be one of those times where we should think about creating such a mirror?

  3. GregF

    I think this is twice in 6 months that a dual disk failure has impacted opensuse’s infrastructure.

    Seems like it is time to up the level of redundancy. 2 disk failures are just too common in the world of TB drives and associated rebuild times.

  4. bigbenaugust

    Can we interest you in a RAID 5?

  5. Daniel del Vecchio

    Sorry to hear of the crash. I too am using Tumbleweed and made the same discovery noted above. Is there a reason the Tumbleweed repo is not being mirrored? Or is that an oversight? Good luck getting things back up and running and thanks for a great distro and for all the times it does work!

  6. raid 6 might be good and well, but who’s gonna *buy* it?
    I mean, openSUSE is a community project… but goodwill does not buy harddisks.

  7. Eion MacDonald

    1. I tried to rebuild a OpenSuse12.1 after some problems witha very old computer (circa 1999~2000).
    2. I could not access the repositories.
    3. Rebuilt from an old 12.1 DVD, so gota basic but not updated system.
    4. Saw error on repositories and YaST saying unobtainable.
    5. learn about your problems on two hard discs failing (which was my problem but my HDs are at least 8 years old so failure o finterlinked HDs not unexpected).
    6 Coincidence of server HDs suffering on same day is somewhat high. ah! troubles cpome in trees so what next?

  8. JBScout

    looking for repo for Tumbleweed ?

    here it is :

    greetings from berlin
    JBScout aka Thomy

  9. Klaus Wolf

    Can you give a short hint how to configure community repositories? Without my NVidia drivers, it’s not exactly fun to work with my computer…

  10. l300lvl

    I had one more question of the topic: Are all the mirrors coming from the build service or something? Where do they get the data the fill the mirror with? That is, is it all current data which is updated every so often?

    Also, thanks again for pointing the mirror out, really. You made my day better.

  11. Anonymous

    zypper points to an incorrect error. it says it can not connect to the ipv6 address, although ipv6 is disabled. if the ping works on download.opensuse.org you are searching at wrong place.

  12. Hi all!
    I put the notice in spanish forum.

  13. Stephen

    Really sorry to hear of the crash! I just installed openSUSE the day before the crash, I hope it wasn’t me :S lol

    I need to use the UpdatedApps repo but it isn’t working, and not very good at openSuSE yet, could someone give me a mirror to put in so I can get Calligra 2.4? It was one of the main reasons I installed this OS and am really enjoying its speed and stability so far. :)

    Thanks in advance, and good luck getting your problems sorted out soon!

  14. cengique


    The reps for 11.2, 11.3 and 11.4 x86_64 sections list rpms properly, but when you try to download them you get “access denied” errors.

    Sorry to hear the double-disk failure. That’s a nightmare scenario for me. I’ve been using (open)SuSE for years, and would like to make a small donation. I couldn’t see any links for donation on the main website except the “shop”. Is there a way to donate?

    Thanks again for all your work!

  15. vazhavandan

    Got to be those hungry lemmings chewing up on the wires(mistaking them for shoots) after long winter hibernation.

  16. I have insurmountable issues with X_64 12.1 Kernel Video Support and reverted back to 11.4.

    The DVD uses a .RPM file formats all o.k…When it comes to online updates as part of the install at http://download.opensuse.org/update/11.4/ the file format is called for .DRPM – That would be well and good if ALL repos had .DRPM files but a huge number of files dont exist is a .DRPM format in most all 11.4 X_64 repos and there’s no auto redirect/mirror that is perhaps trying to correct this! It fails the most basic updates repos URL as above!

    I have no idea what lead to the decision to retrospectively change file formats of versions of opensuse who’s native DVD had .RPM file formats.

    I would have thought that all new releases which came with an install DVD of .DRPM files should have defaults to .DRPM file formats, not retrospectively!

    Its time to back out the change that was made to retrospective versions of opensuse that were not released with default .DRPM – As IT people thats what we do to fix a major change that is seriously not working – Back it out……!!