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openSUSE ARM RC2 needs testing!

October 29th, 2012 by

ARMopenSUSE Logo Hot on the heels of the news that the Google Chromebook runs openSUSE (even made slashdot) and following the closing of the openSUSE Conference in Prague, Dirk Müller let the ARM team know that RC2 is about ready to go and this will be the final before the release of openSUSE for ARM! Read on to find out some details of this exciting release.

The plan

Quoting Dirk:

Alex and I have worked yesterday a few hours to finish up the last remaining bugs for a 12.2 RC2 release.we plan that this is the last RC before final 12.2 for ARM, which is scheduled for November 6th.

So, there you have it: less than two week from now, openSUSE ARM will be ready for the masses. But, as with any ARM release, the diversity of the ecosystem warrants extensive testing: the developers themselves have not yet tested all variations and they’d like more feedback.


The changes over RC1 are:

  • various bugfixes in the imaging
  • add an update repository to the images for maintenance
  • adding various fixes for booting machines without RTC with a reasonable system time
  • Adding a YaST firstboot stage for configuring the country, language, root password and creating the first user login
  • various smaller fixes in packaging

New is support support for the following SoCs’:

  • Calxeda Highbank
  • CuBox
  • IMX 53
  • Samsung Origen

There are now XFCE images for panda and beagle board, which, according to Dirk, “still have some bugs that need to be fixed for the final release”. The JeOS images are considered good and there has been some work on graphics support for a few of the boards but the results have not been consistently satisfying.

Also note that the Raspberry Pi image is not part of this release, it will come at a later point in time.

Get it

The images are available for download here.


Andrew Wafaa made a nice list of people who deserve credit for their hard work on openSUSE ARM:

  • Adrian Schröter
  • Alex Graf
  • Joop Boonen
  • Guillaume Gardet
  • Marcus Schäfer
  • Dirk Müller
  • Andreas Färber
  • Bernhard Wiedemann
  • Bamvor Jian Zhang
  • Peter Czanik
  • Michal Vyskocil
  • and many more.

But we’re also grateful for the testing we get and any other help (including hardware). It’s a community project so without these contributions – there would be no openSUSE-on-ARM!

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6 Responses to “openSUSE ARM RC2 needs testing!”

  1. Hi!
    Good news! Spreading to the world…
    Doesn’t works the link for Get it !!

  2. Hehe! Great to hear that. I could do some testing on Raspberry Pi :)
    Hmm… The mentioned link does not work. Try this one > http://download.opensuse.org/ports/armv7hl/distribution/openSUSE-stable/images/

  3. Etam

    Looks like this time running openSUSE in chroot on N900 works with no problems :)

  4. cesano

    Did this latest image works on :
    Jean Marc

  5. Etam

    Do you know “Easy Debian” on Maemo? How about “Easy openSUSE”? This is openSUSE running in chroot and LXDE in fullscreen Xephyr: http://susepaste.org/44058843 . When I get things more polished I’ll make a how-to.

    PS. Firefox, which you can see on the screenshot, works terribly slow (at least it do not crash).

  6. Mate


    You know it is possible to run openSUSE nativ on n900. Running it in chroot is pretty boring shit. Take a look at Maemo-Talk Thread about Ubuntu 12.04 on n900 that could be adapted to openSUSE. More or less I am a bit pissed the openSUSE guys didn’t include this device in supported Hardware.