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openSUSE 13.2 Is Coming – First Beta Has Arrived!

September 22nd, 2014 by

Get openSUSE 13.2 Beta!

Our brand new ‘Rolling Factory’ has already amassed over 6000 installations and that’s just kicking awesome. But we won’t just roll: we will still create releases of openSUSE, and 13.2 is next! According to the roadmap, our latest Geeko is due in November and it will be awesome. We promise. But it doesn’t come for free: you will have to help.

Open Source isn’t magic

Thing is, Open Source can only be as awesome as the people who work on it! And while openSUSE 13.2 has many, many awesome people working on it, what matters in the end is if it will work for you. There is only one way to make sure it does: test it. Test your use cases and make sure what you need openSUSE 13.2 for will work perfectly. That crazy old system you have set up for your uncle? Test it. That brand new ultrabook of your sister? Test it. That super server you’re secretly building in the cellar? Test it. TEST IT ALL!

All the news

openSUSE 13.2 will have lots of new things and lots more is coming.

  • Linux kernel 3.16 (going for 3.17)
  • GNOME 3.12 (planning for 3.14)
  • Plasma Workspaces 4.11, KDE applications 4.13 mixed with 4.14 (will be all 4.14)
  • and for testing: Plasma 5.1 (will be 5.2, perhaps 5.3), Frameworks 5.2 (will be 5.5 or higher) and the latest KDE Applications.
  • btrfsprogs is now at 3.16. btrfs will be the default filesystem in openSUSE 13.2 so help test the heck out if this!
  • AppArmor 2.9 beta bringing the new python-based tools developed during GSoC 2013 and some new rule types to mediate sockets, ptrace, signals and dbus (I’m not sure if all of them are already supported by the openSUSE kernel and dbus – you’ll need to ask the kernel and dbus maintainers)- and of course the usual bunch of profile updates, bugfixes etc.
  • LibreOffice

Get openSUSE 13.2 Beta 1 here.

One Distribution with many flavours to pick

There is a tradition in openSUSE to be released with more than one GUI, this saga continues on 13.2 beta as it comes with all the newest popular Graphical User Environments. All you have to do is pick your favourite during installation and enjoy!


We already mentioned the latest coming from the KDE community, with the stable Applications version 4.14 coming with many bugfixes and polish. GNOME 3.14 will introduce the following features:

  • Browse DLNA media servers in GNOME Photos
  • Add GNOME Hitori to official GNOME releases/modulesets
  • Integration of PicassaWeb in GNOME Photos
  • Sharing network awareness (avoid unintentional oversharing of private information)
  • Using systemd for the user session
  • Color tinting in GNOME Shell
  • Integrating Zimbra into Gnome Shell

Some of these features are marked as done, some as ongoing and some as still being planned, so we’ll see what goodies the GNOME Team will be able to provide when GNOME 3.14 is finally released. In XFCE land, it seems as though openSUSE 13.2 will ship with the same Xfce version as its predecessor, as XFCE 4.12 isn’t out yet. But worry not, the Xfce team has been working diligently so there have been under the hood changes to allow better integration with systemd and upower >= 0.99. Also, to mention a couple of most user-visible changes, there are new version so of gigolo, the midori web browser (with a much improved adblock functionality and spell checking) and a fully redesigned Parole. xfburn 0.5.2 now supports Blu-Ray and large files through ISO9660 level 3. More noticeable will be the changes to the core XFCE4 plugins:

  • xfce4-clipman-plugin 1.2.6 brings a new QR-code generator and the ability to skip actions via a keyboard shortcut
  • xfce4-timer-plugin 1.6.0 has the ability to rerun a timer from the alarm notification
  • Whisker Menu 1.4.0 introduces a new command to launch menu editor and to switch users, support for custom menu files, drag and drop for launchers to panel or desktop, added search actions, the ability to browse commands and to hide them, as well as hiding category and launcher icons.
  • xfce4-power-manager 1.4.0 brings a completely revamped and vastly simplified UI with a  new panel plugin to show the status of batteries, switch to presentation mode
  • xfce4-taskmanager 1.0.1 features UI fixes and bugfixes
  • xfce4-terminal 0.6.3 has improved URL matching, a new light solarized color scheme and the usual bugfixes

And that is not all. The Pragha has replaced rhythmbox as the default music player and organizer. It is very extensible, and feature-wise on par with rhythmbox through large number of plugins. It fits better with the Xfce UI design than rhythmbox does. openSUSE 13.2 will also introduce a new custom theme for the notification daemon (xfce4-notifyd) And here is another new addition in our favourite distribution, Mate 1.8 is going to be there as one of the GUI options as it was previously announced here.

Other desktops

Not to be left out, LXDE also has gotten a series of improvements, even though there has not be a major release either. All the programs have been updated and packages are up to date. Others programs included in the default installation have also been updated, like galculator, Parcellite, Xarchiver (with new xz and RAR5 support) and so on. A lot of bug fixing has been done recently thanks to one of the developers, Andriy Grytsenko. There are new features in some programs:

  • PCManFM: split panel, integrated system menu editor, breadcrumb navigation and more
  • LXPanel: new weather plugin, support for custom gtk themes, drag buttons in the taskbar and more
  • LXRandR: new monitors positioning settings.
  • LXCC (control center) has translations available.
  • From now on, xfce4-screenshooter is used to take screenshots instead of mtPaint.
  • The gcolor2 color picker has been introduced in the pattern.
  • Some more new features are to come like in place tabs renaming for LXTerminal.

In look and feel news, Adwaita replaces Clearlooks as the default GTK theme. This provides an uniform appearance for both GTK2 and GTK3 programs. If using the Qt GTK GUI style, Qt applications are nicely integrated as well. Openbox uses a theme that matches Adwaita. And the panel background image has been replaced with a color so it is more integrated with the global appearance. Meanwhile, the the future replacement for LXDE, LXQt, has a repository available at https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/X11:lxde:lxqt. The desktop known for having the most playful UI, Enlightenment is at the latest e19 release, complete with a new default theme for openSUSE 13.2. Some new cool features, including better task management, a new tiling module, packagekit integration and more are introduced. It also includes the latest version of the Terminology terminal which brings many new features such as splits, tab like changing and the ability to change colors from the UI and more themes. Before the actual 13.2 release some new profiles will be added! 128px-Icon-yast


YaST, still fresh after the rewrite to Ruby, has seen a lot of work in the last months, so we’ll dedicate a section to what is new. Be sure to give the new YaST a good whirl and check if it all works as advertised!

Revamped installer

The Yast team has put a lot of effort during the last months in improving the installation experience. The new openSUSE 13.2 installer will be easier to use and more welcoming to new users with better and smarter automatic proposals, less cluttered configuration options and a brand new look and feel focused on usability. But the most important change is the new installation work flow. Up to 13.1 the installation was followed, after the first reboot, by the so called “2nd stage”. In that phase, several additional settings needed to be configured. The new process is more straightforward. Just make the initial configuration, click on “install” and after a few minutes the computer will reboot into a ready to use system.

Other Yast improvements

The installer is not the only part of Yast which has received extra care. openSUSE 13.1 presented to the world the first version of Yast rewritten to the Ruby programming language. Now, after almost a year of stabilization process, the migration of technology is showing its benefits. The version of Yast included in this beta is faster, more stable and better integrated with systemd, btrfs and the other cutting edge technologies included in openSUSE 13.2.

Moving forward

As a first step to improve the robustness of one of the most challenging and relevant aspects of Linux installation and configuration, Yast will drop support for Grub Legacy in openSUSE 13.2 focusing on GRUB2, which was already the default and recommended option in openSUSE 13.1. Of course, Grub Legacy can still be manually installed but removing it from Yast will enable the developers to work on a more advanced approach to managing the bootloader in future openSUSE releases.

Still improving

Like in any software in beta phase, there are still bugs in Yast. The good news is that everybody can help to fix them in time for the final 13.2 release! Every single piece, from core to modules, is available and open for contributions at github, where you can see bugfixes and improvements landing on a daily basis.


All that news needs testing. Areas which can use extra love and attention include:

  • Very new or old hardware
  • btrfs awesomeness – try the RAID functionality, try snapshots, try compression, break it! So we can fix it!
  • So much more…

Testing means installing the beta, playing around with it and submitting bug reports when you bump into trouble. To test multiple devices it might make sense to download the beta and put it on an USB stick or a DVD so you can get to work right away. But be sure to also test that weird RAID setup, go through the installer to see if it deals with multiple installations and an resize partitions properly! Bugs should be reported and can be tracked via Bugzilla. Find a how-to on reporting bugs on the wiki. There’s a quick overview of the most annoying bugs in 13.2 Beta, check it out before you submit duplicate bug reports. Discussions about openSUSE development takes place on the factory mailing list. openSUSE Factory is the development release of openSUSE, you know, the one that is now rolling ;-) There is plenty of help available on the Development page on the openSUSE wiki and you are more than welcome to ask for help on the openSUSE factory mailing list or on the openSUSE IRC channels!

pizza David Standout geekoified

Organize your own Beta Pizza party!!!!

Continue te openSUSE tradition of Beta Pizza parties! Gather some friends at your place or at any place you can have wifi and have some fun by having Pizza and testing the new Beta version. Food and a new openSUSE release, a perfect combination. Find more information about BetaPizzaParties and register your party on this wiki page and don’t forget to have a lot of fun!

Go, test this release, be Geeko Awesome and make the release just like that!

And as always: a big, green hug to all the awesome geekos who contributed to openSUSE 13.2 and/or this story. And to anything else green and openSUSE!

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59 Responses to “openSUSE 13.2 Is Coming – First Beta Has Arrived!”

  1. Anonymous

    Plasma Workspaces 4.11, KDE applications 4.13 mixed with 3.14 (will be all 3.14)

    Shouldn’t that be 4.14?

    • Of course! Fixed.

      • Aidan Collier

        As of yet, when I try the GNOME live image on my Dell XPS 13 (9333, i5 quad-core version), I’m as of yet only seeing the grub command prompt. Coudl this be fixed?

        Also, shouldn’t KDE Plasma 5 be implemented for the release? It was released June this year, and it would be neat to know that you would adopt it given all of the improvements it has beyond the previous 4.14.

  2. Thomas

    Hmmm… “luckily” I just trashed my current 13.1 installation. I’ll give 13.2 beta a test ride.

  3. Kurush


    I saw an scrrenshot from openSUSE 13.2 on phoronix.com and yet it use the old wallpaper from 13.1 and also I’ve seen a new wallpaper on git. So is openSUSE 13.2 come with new artworks?

    Anyway congratulation on beta release!

  4. Good news!!

    Time to hack!

    As usual, spreading the word for spanish speakers:

    ‘ve phun!!

  5. I want to try. I would prefer Mate desktop. Greetings.

  6. Chris

    Will bumblebee/primus available in the official distro?

  7. Mr. Monk

    What about font-rendering? Will http://software.opensuse.org/package/fontconfig-infinality be included in the official build?

    • Pierre

      As it is available for openSUSE 13.1 and Factory I goes chances are good you will be able to find it in official repos for 13.2 as well. ;)

  8. P.B. Lecavalier

    I recall noticing a few minor annoyances in the installer for 13.1 (release), and then could only think that those would be gone, had I taken a look earlier and submitted useful bug reports during the beta period. Now is a good time to screen them carefully!

  9. Franz

    Great i have installed , works fine
    i like it

  10. Russell Dickenson

    This all sounds great, but could you please provide a link to where I can download the Beta?

  11. j3rry

    Hopefully it will work with my Acer Laptop. 13.1 will never go to switch off :-(

  12. indirect_user


    Which mesa version will be used? I am asking because I definitely need a recent mesa for better support through the free driver stack on AMD-ATI APUs. Current SuSE versions still had rendering issues with kernel/mesa/libdrm/xf86-video-ati so I had to use fglrx.
    (I rolled out openSuSE on several boxes in my family, using Gentoo for myself ;) But my 1st penguin was SuSE)


    • Thanks for replying let me know if this works for you. I also have an AMD APU with the exact same issues, and I don’t believe we can install fglrx yet due to the kernel version

  13. I miss the link to download the Beta at a prominent place….

  14. tantive

    It would be nice, if the torrents would also be registered in the torrent tracker at release.

    Currently, tracker.opensuse.org gives me an “unregistered torrent” error for

    Seems this already happened in the past, maybe it would be a good idea to review the release process and include the step of registering the torrents.

  15. Jan Onym

    Thank you verry much – nice work!!! Wich Version of Cups will be shiopped in 13.2? Current Version is 1.75 – openSUSE 13.1 used 1.54

  16. yjcoshc

    Some questions about the default gcc version in 13.2:
    1.Is the gcc 4.8.3 the default gcc in 13.2?
    2.I have seen gcc49 in the repo of 13.2. Will they update to 4.9.1?

    • P.B. Lecavalier

      Excellent question. I just installed it and observed that too. gcc48 is default and it seems you have the choice of going with gcc49.

      There is a stable release of 4.9 out there, but is this alternate choice just as stable as the default 4.8? I really don’t know. If it was, then it should be the default.

  17. Dan Stroock

    In the earlier distributions of SuSE, the installation disk had a program that found and fixed problems. That program disappeared in recent releases, and I wonder whether it could be restored. Also, it would be very helpful if SuSE were to introduce a program with which one could easily clone a SuSE hard drive. Perhaps one could base such a program on clonezilla.

  18. Anony

    I installed 13.2 Beta KDE on my Lenovo laptop,yesterday. All I can say is, to start, is WOW! Definitely off to an excellent start. Btrfs, is looking pretty mature, good.

    Points of good improvements from 13.1: detects my Broadcom wireless OTB, detects and KEEPS my AMD HD audio after install, worked flawlessly with my (U)EFI secure boot, dual booted with another Linux distro=non-issue, the installer has been “streamlined” and more new user friendly and last but not least the color scheme: green with teal, I really like it. :) All in all, so far running smooth as butter. A big Thank You and Kudos to the openSUSE developer team, you rock.

    Question: Anyone know where and what is the “community” source, to add programs like non-free codecs, Steam, Handbrake and etc.?

    Peace out, peeps. :)

  19. mitchell theobald

    hi dev’s, it seems like the network manager issue after installing opensuse 13.1 KDE stable has been resolved in 13.2 beta 1 . keep up the great work guys, quick Q: after joining a domain, how do i log in with my roaming profile/domain login. i dont know the username/password format for logging in

  20. thank you..

  21. Jesus

    What about SAMBA4, the Active Directory feature, is stil not operational yet?

  22. rodbras

    Well, several automatic updates in my Suse 13.1 were done and simply crashed the system. Yast is not working, and programs that I used to easily install are not functioning anymore, in short, I used to be satisfied now I’m about to quit openSuse, despite the good prior experience, and the visual design, by far the best one in my opinion,yet things must work. Too much time reinstalling the system and tweaking every single new installation, Windows is a little bit more slower, but things are installed straightforward. Sorry for the criticism, because I hope you make things work to make it better, not worse as I feel now. Good lucky, and eventually I’ll try Suse 13.2. I have to work and don’t have time to keep fixing things, so for the time being, back to Windows.

  23. Andrew

    Unable to install to my HP Probook 455. The installation hangs on step 3 right before GUI start. I guess the problem is UEFI + kernel 3.16. Will wait for 3.17.

  24. jonzn4suse

    What do you guys think of the network interface when you click on the network indicator in the tray?

  25. Sławomir Lach

    On my laptop(with OpenSuSE 31.2 beta 1) KDE won’t support activities.

  26. rehcla

    Thinkpad T530 with Intel Ivybridge Mobile, 256GB SSD…
    Openuse 13.2 Beta runs impressively well and stable!
    No crashes, no strange behavior so far:)

  27. oeffi

    Will you provide KDE3.5 packages?

  28. … And what about Wayland?

  29. David

    Maybe it’s been changed already, but what would be really nice in 13.2 is the default artwork for start up / backgrounds when you install looking professional. Although some might like it, the default 13.1 ones look very amateurish and doesn’t give a good impression to anyone you might want to switch from something else. Also it should be possible to switch to the console while starting and shutting down to see what’s happening which seems to be disabled. Otherwise we’re left wondering why it’s taking so long to start up/shutdown.

  30. David

    That should read ‘after you first install’

  31. Eldar

    Kde 4.
    Creating a new room(activity) is broken.
    It is difficult to pick a window corner to resize.

    I have tried Rosa Linux and I have been impressioned by Rosa Linux visual style. Firefox and Libre Office looks very native in KDE.

  32. augustinprlic

    Problem with grub2 on Gigabyte R9280X
    When I install opensuse 13.2 grub2 don’t show on monitor (but display on TV). Any solution … same thing is on linux mint 17 KDE but I fix this problem when I install BURG. Opensuse don’t have BURG and I don’t have any idea how i fix this problem.

  33. Wylbur

    Has the USB bug been fixed. The one where you must have keyboard and mouse connected to a front side USB plug? NO other distro that I work with forces one to unplug their keyboard and mouse to move it to the front of the machine — Only Suse does that.

    So, you are doing testing with different LIVE CDs to compare things… and you do test installs, just for SUSE I have to climb under my desk and pull the KVM USB plug…

  34. thomas

    Hi, many thanks!

    But there is a problem installing the from a DVD (Repository is not found) within the installer.
    Installing directy from the ISO is working as well as installing from a USB-Stick.

    Great work so far, but little things to improve to the final release ;-)


  35. Carlos

    Please! include some graphical clients for connman users! NetworkManager for some reason fails a lot on the wifi network at work and I’m using connman now without problems but it doesn’t have a graphical client for gnome and only one unfinished option for e17.

    congrats for the new version!

  36. Howard

    Strange, but the installer says 12.3 which I suspect had been a typo. I haven’t gotten past that, but I thought I’d mention it :)

  37. Howard

    Linux 3.16.3-1.gd2bbe7f-desktop refuses to boot on my HPPavilion 17334 17e110dx