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openSUSE 13.2 RC1 is now out, hands on

October 9th, 2014 by

openSUSE 13.2 RC1 is baked and ready to serve!. This previous Beta release was a blast with almost 10.000 downloads. The community responded to the call and we had lot of eyes looking for bugs in openSUSE 13.2 Beta1. Many of them have been already squashed and openSUSE 13.2 Release Candidate 1 is here to prove it.

But don’t fear the boredness, there are more things to test and enjoy than just bugfixes, the release candidate also brings an important updates to the desktop experience. This release includes GNOME 3.14, which brings new animations, better handling of WiFi hotspots, improvements in some applications like Weather and Photos and much more. Another highlight is the brand new Firefox 32, with new HTTP cache for improved performance and public key pinning support. The KDE applications have been updated from version 4.14.0 to 4.14.1 and Plymouth (from 0.8.8 to 0.9.0) should also help to boost stability and to smooth the end user experience.

So if you missed the Beta but still want to help, don’t hesitate to grab one of the available ISOs. If you are already using openSUSE 13.2 Beta, it’s time to update! In either case, make sure to give GNOME a try and report any found bug. It’s the biggest change and we need as many geekos as possible trying to break it in creative ways.

With less than a month from the release of 13.2 the only thing that last to be said is:

Hands on Geekos

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44 Responses to “openSUSE 13.2 RC1 is now out, hands on”

  1. Spreading the word for spanish speakers!!


  2. We’ve been waiting for this.
    Also spreading the word on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.


  3. Its beautiful! I loved new colors!

  4. Georgi

    I will test this now!

    I hope that the theme here is changed because the old theme from Beta 1 was some kind of ugly with this colors…

  5. Panagiotis Prokopiou

    Are you still targeting for kernel 3.17 on GM ? If so, will there be any release with that before GM?

  6. KenWeiLL

    If I install this, do i have to do a fresh install when the final is out?

  7. Franz

    Now its done, i have on a dualboot system installed FEDORA 21 Beta and today the openSUSE 13.2 RC1 and my choice is clear its the openSUSE 13.2 RC1 we have i tested about few hours with the NVIDIA CUDA SDK 6.5.19 no distro are faster as openSUSE 13.2 RC1 i like it with the installed Kernel 3.17.02.


  8. SDCH

    i too have same doubt “If I install this, do i have to do a fresh install when the final is out?” or should we change any repo by hand?

    • Chika

      zypper up should do the trick on full release as long as the repos are up to date.

      I’ll probably put it on a Virtualbox before going any further as 12.3 and 13.1 had their drawbacks for me and 13.1 still isn’t 100% even now though it is at least stable and I have my workarounds for the bits that don’t work.

      Certainly it will be interesting to see what bits have stuffed up the works this time around. Suffice to say that Poettering is not my favourite person at this point in time.

  9. Ivan Linty

    Please remove systemd !

  10. Ricardo

    This RC it’s given trouble on instalation for virtualbox, I don’t can imagine how to fix this.

    • Chika

      I’m going to give it a go to see what occurs.

      One thought; which version of VB are you using and what is your host? Does it work with a 13.1 install?

  11. Kirk

    I am also having trouble with 13.2RC1 with VirtualBox 4.3.16 The last 13.2 Beta installed and ran without issue (Gnome Environment). I think the problem is associated with Gnome 3.14 and this is why:

    1. 13.2 Beta installed and ran without issue with the previous Gnome version.
    2. 13.2 RC1 KDE Live CD installs and runs perfectly.
    3. 13.2 RC1 Gnome Live CD installs but fails to start the GDM
    4. 13.2 RC1 KDE Full DVD installs and runs properly.
    5. 13.2 RC1 Gnome Full DVD installs but presents a blank black screen after 1st boot.

  12. Ankleface Wroughtlandmire

    Looking exciting! Thanks very much to all the devs.

    Question: Why is BTRFS suggested only for the / filesystem and not /home too? I would have thought it would be the other way around. Given the benefits of data compression and snapshots on BTRFS, it seems ideal for /home. Still not reliable enough?

    • Biff

      It is not reliable enough for any situation.

      The opensuse leads really made a monumentally stupid decision and screwed the pooch.

      The idiocy coming out of the systemd devs is infecting the entire Linux ecosystem with a madness that will eventually kill Linux.

  13. Art

    Good news. Are the any developments toward better tablet experience ?

  14. sdch

    in expert mode if i set root partition(let say sda9) below home partition(sda 7) then the installer puts home folder in root partition (sda9) itself instead of selected home partition (sda7)… in summary of partitions…

  15. sdch

    why is that installer proposes to shrink my windows partition while in had 40 gb of extra empty space during installation….

  16. Robbi3

    Settings is not working on my system.

  17. tdh123

    can I safely use ‘packman factory’- repo with rc1 or shall I wait until there is a dedicated 13.2 packman repo?

  18. hk3jld

    He usado SuSE desde la versión 9 y me parece genial, pero no se si instalar la 13.2RC en mi equipo el cual tiene instalado la 13.1 (AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+), ya que me ha dado problemas con video (NVIDIA Corporation C61 [GeForce 6150SE nForce 430] (rev a2)), creo que mejor espero a la versión definitiva, aunque queria probar la 13.2RC. Pero confío en que la difinitiva sera genial como las versiones anteriores.

  19. menangen

    I have burn iso to usb flash and try to load rc1 13.2
    But i saw error with text in console:
    Initializing poool……
    I saw many animated dots in console after message about random pool, and than i take shot on my camera.
    I have tested usb and latest iso (RC-1) on two my PCs with same issue/bug. This pcs spec:
    1. Corei7 3770k, normal freq: 3500 mhz. Ram 4Gb 1800Mhz, Gigabyte z77 cheapset, SSD drive. Two video: intel hd4000, nvidia 9800GT, i tested with NVIDIA and without also.
    2. AMD A8 3870K FM2, ASUS mother brd with amd chipset (i dnt remember amd cheapset now, but can give proof to yours if need), NVIDIA GTX6600, 6Gb RAM 1600 MHz.

    On this PCs i have one bug with random/kernel or udev – i dnt know, because i just used live KDE x64 UEFI iso – this is live cd, and i can only read error messages from my screen :-)

  20. Bob

    Nvidia’s driver is regrettably not yet available. Nouveau hangs system while booting 64b KDE ISO. It is pretty difficult to understand why slow and crappy OSS isn’t offered as an option instead of the other way round. This might be one of the reasons why Linux cannot even get 2% of the desktop ‘market share’. Most people I know do not give a damn about having their systems hampered by an OSS pure installation.

  21. Franz

    I have installed openSUSE 13.2 RC1 on ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution BIOS Rev. 905 Intel i7-950 at 3.96 Ghz, 24 Gbyte DDR3 XMS RAM , 2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 Ti or 2 x GeForce GTS250 i use the driver NVIDIA 340.46 on both configurations with my CUDA SDK 6.5.19 and have absolut no problems, as Kernel i have installed 3.17.0-1.
    i use GPT Partions on 8 2 TB Harddisk with the openSUSE 13.2 recommended Partitionlayout all works fine

  22. Could you please make gcc-4.9 the default compiler instead of 4.8.x ?

    • P.B. Lecavalier

      I second this. I heard there have been some important performance improvements introduced in the 4.9 line.

      I know it’s possible to switch to 4.9, but I don’t feel too good about “switching” a central compiler on a system…

  23. Nikolay

    Xine and VLC is unusible …
    phpMyAdmin not working …

  24. Cameron

    Downloaded the x86-64 DVD image. Cannot proceed beyond the “Installation Settings” screen. Yast gives this error:

    “Error: Cannot check free space in basic directory / (device/os/system), cannot start installation”

    It seems to be triggered by attempting to install to a previously formatted partition. According to the yast partition tool, there are more than 470 gb available. Was never a problem in 13.1.

  25. The same question again: what about packman repositories? In 13.1 (for example), when opensuse was in the first beta had already opened branch in the repository packman. Today we still have not repository.
    It’s very dificult to test a new system because we (usually) use it as a day to day desktop system, and at least me I cannot use a system without the multimedia facilities (look at ubuntu; we can test alpha or beta system, install the *buntu-restricted-extras package and all will run fine. Now look our loved system; no one-click button for Factory or beta/rc, no metapackage to install all in an easy way like ubuntu, etc…).

    By the way, good job openSUSE team!! This is the best version I never tested.

  26. Roman

    Add the Packman Factory repo: http://packman.inode.at/suse/Factory/

    • Yes I does, but I don’t know:
      1 why isn’t yet ready packman repo? (could I help in any way?)
      2 but not less important; if I will have any problem playing with a factory repo with a RC

  27. John

    Duel booting fails: After 13.2 RC2 install, which looks and works well except for missing repositories, I cannot boot into anything else. I have a 13.1 which is not seen by the boot loader. Even after running Yast2 System > Boot loader, there is still no entry for anything but 13.2.

    And by reinstalling 13.1 (only way to get access to it) it does not find 13.2.

    The system has 5 drives, one a 3T. the two system partitions are on a 500G drive with an msdos partition setup. Initially 13.1 was set to boot from MBR, and 13.2 from the /boot area. I then changed them so both were set to use MBR as the boot area. Still no co-operation from either. No MS OSs. There is also a 12.3 that is not seen by boot loader.

    My system has the original BIOS without secure boot.

    • John

      I have tried on another system, and had errors in not being able to write the boot loader files.

  28. Hey,

    Thanks for the updated.

    I had expected KDE Plasma desktop 5 to ship with the latest Opensuse distro, but it seems it’s not happening! When do we expect to have KDE 5? Thanks