openSUSE helps jump-start new summit

23. May 2016 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Last week, members of The GNOME Project announced a new conference in the United States northwest to enhance the GNU/Linux application ecosystem.

The Libre Application Summit, which will take place in Portland, Oregon, from Sept. 19 - 23, aims to empower application developers both big and small as well as enhance app developers collaboratation with major Linux distributions.

The summit, which is designed to improve the developer and user experience for the GNU/Linux desktop, has a lot of potential to expand and openSUSE is excited to be the summit’s first sponsor.

Since last year, openSUSE has been working together with GNOME members to offer an event in the Portland designed for application developers who want to explore opportunities for expanding apps to distributions, to build personal relationship with users and to explore opportunities to monetize developers apps.

Entrepreneurs and open-source enthusiasts are encouraged to attend if they are interested in building a product based on free and open source software.

The summit will focus on the following topics:

Ecosystem: business, legal, community, and social issues

Platforms: deep low-level topics around hardware, drivers, and tools

Distribution: collaborating with established distributions (like openSUSE), inter-distribution cooperation, QA and continuous integration.

Development: toolkits, X/Wayland, security, runtimes, SDK, development tools.

West Coast Geekos

openSUSE community members living on the West Coast are encouraged to submit a talk.

Learn more about this conference by visiting or watch this video.

Any companies interested in sponsoring the event along with openSUSE, should visit the sponsorship page.



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