Tumbleweed brings Halloween Treats

3. Nov 2016 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

A new framework for desktop applications on Linux has been added to Tumbleweed and now users can enjoy the most up-to-date version of Flatpak.

Flatpak 0.6.13 arrived in the 20161028 snapshot  last week and complements another package updated in the snapshot; OSTree 2016.12, which is a tool that combines a “git-like” model for committing and downloading bootable filesystem trees, along with a layer for deploying them and managing the bootloader configuration.

The “new feature will surely need some testing,” wrote Dominique Leuenberger, in his weekly review about Tumbleweed to the Factory Mailing List.

> > [@openSUSE](https://twitter.com/openSUSE) [#Tumbleweed](https://twitter.com/hashtag/Tumbleweed?src=hash) weekly review 2016/43 published at [https://t.co/CCz0BFczIn](https://t.co/CCz0BFczIn) > > — Dom Leuenberger (@_DimStar_) [October 28, 2016](https://twitter.com/_DimStar_/status/791993389222854657)

Snapshot 20161028 also provided several updated packages in the repositories including Mozilla Firefox 49.0.2 and Frameworks 5.27.0, which provides new mimetypes icons in the version.

Additions to openSUSE specific packages include Yast2-storage 3.1.105, which fixed installing required storage packages for unmounted filesystems, and yast2-http-server 3.2.1, which added ‘Options’ option for Directory-sections.

The Halloween snapshot that followed wasn’t too wasn’t scary. Snapshot 20161031 added some subpackages for Apparmor and dbus-1-glib. Gstreamer-transcoder updated descriptions and the updated version of Kiwi (7.04.8) improves the changelog section.

The latest Tumbleweed snapshot 20161101  brought new versions of Hexchat (2.12.3), Wine (1.9.22) and Nmap (7.31), which is a utility for network exploration and security auditing.

The two snapshots before the Flatpak snapshot (snapshot 20161026 and  snapshot 20161025) brought some other software treats like a new version of GNOME games (3.22.1), Bash (4.4.) and NetworkManager-openvpn (1.2.6).

> > openSUSE Tumbleweed riceve il Kernel 4.8.4 e KDE Plasma 5.8.2. [https://t.co/4GO7oEiqjR](https://t.co/4GO7oEiqjR) [pic.twitter.com/O55HNoayh4](https://t.co/O55HNoayh4) > > — lffl linux freedom (@linuxfreedom) [October 28, 2016](https://twitter.com/linuxfreedom/status/791949685426487301)
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