Libvirt, PHP, FFmpeg Updates Roll Out on Tumbleweed

29. Jan 2020 | Douglas DeMaio | No License

Libvirt, PHP, FFmpeg Updates Roll Out on Tumbleweed

A total of five openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots have been releases since last week for the rolling release users.

The Libvirt 6.0 package came earlier in the week.

LibreOffice, Firefox, PHP and FFmpeg were amongst the most notable packages to update this week.

The 1.4 version of kdeconnect-kde was updated in the most recent 20200127 snapshot. The version offers a new “KDE Connect” desktop app to control the phone from the PC and SMS app that can read and write SMS texts. The newer version also offers compatibility with Xfce’s file manager Thunar. The third release candidate for LibreOffice requires java 1.8 or newer with the libreoffice package. Some core and curl bugs were fixed with php7 7.4.2, which included an Exif fix, and a handful of rubygem packages had minor version bumps. The snapshot is currently trending at a stable rating of 99, according to the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer.

Snapshot, 20200125 had a half dozen packages updated. GNU’s Utilities tool package for multi-lingual messaging, gettext-runtime 0.20.1, removed dynamic linker ldconfig and script builder autoreconf. GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library has a new C++ function in the gmp 6.2.0 update and the new version provides better assembly code and greater speed for AMD Ryzen, Power9 and ARM 64-bit CPUs. An updated to the authentication-related tool shadow 4.8 synced password field descriptions in man pages and migrated to ITS Tool for translations. The snapshot is currently trending at a stable rating of 99.

The largest snapshot of the week came in 20200124. Mozilla Firefox 72.0.2 had a fix for a web compatibility issue with CSS Shadow Parts that was introduced in version 72 and made various stability fixes. FFmpeg 4.2.2 alo made some stability fixes mostly for the codecs and formats. Portugueses Brazilian translations were made for libstorage-ng, which bumped the version to 4.2.57. Multi-purpose desktop calculator qalculate 3.7.0 provided a few new functions added support for complex numbers in the exponential integral, Logarithmic integral function, Trigonometric integral and a few more integral functions. WebKit rendering engine webkit2gtk3 2.26.3 had a fix for playing a video on NextCloud and had a fix for a web process crash when displaying a KaTeX formula; the new version also addressed three Common Vulnerabilities and Exposers. YaST had many packages updated including the yast2 4.2.59 version, which added an option to enable the online search in the package. The snapshot is currently trending at a stable rating of 98.

ImageMagick was updated in snapshot 20200123. The image editing vector suite allows for a larger negative interline spacing and support Jzazbz colorspace. Logging package audit 2.8.5 updated lookup tables and fixed the segfault on the shutdown. Ethtool 5.4 fixed a compiler warning with the new GNU Compiler Collection. The major release of libvirt 6.0.0 removed support for python2 and added some new features like introducing a new PCI hostdev address type ‘unassigned’, which gives the user a new option to manage the binding of PCI devices via Libvirt, declaring PCI hostdevs in the domain XML but allowing just a subset of them to be assigned to the guest. The 6.0.0 version of python-libvirt-python was also released.

The sqlite3 3.30.1 package fixed regression found when running python-Django and provided a fix when running the testsuite on Btrfs and XFS. The snapshot is currently trending at a stable rating of 97.

Snapshot 20200122 recorded a stable rating of 93, which had less than a handful of packag updates. The Linux Kernel updated to 5.4.13 and had a fair amount of fixes for s390. Email client mutt 1.13.3 fixed a crash when polling a closed Secure Sockets Layer connection and updated translations in Catalan, Czech,Danish, German, Russian and Ukrainian.

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