New AppArmor 3, KDE Applications, GStreamer Update in Tumbleweed

13. Nov 2020 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

New AppArmor 3, KDE Applications, GStreamer Update in Tumbleweed

This week there were six openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots released.

Some minor email changes have affected the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer, so reviewer ratings won’t be listed.

The latest snapshot, 20201111, updated a half dozen RubyGems. The 4.11.0 rubygem-mini_magick package fixed the fetching of metadata when there are GhostScript warnings and fixed some method redefined warnings. The rubygem-web-console 4.1.0 package update added support for Rails 6.1.

KDE Applications 20.08.3 arrived in snapshot 20201110. In the 20.08.3 apps update, a fix for Okular addressed a wrong memory access that could cause a crash and a fix for the fast scrolling with Shift+Scroll. Video editor kdenlive provided a fix for the monitor displayed frames per second with high fps values and fixed the playlist clips that had a no audio regression. There were several other app fixes and konsole provided an important fix for closing the split view with ‘Alt+C’. Mozilla Firefox 82.0.3 fixed regressions introduced in the previous minor version and took care of a Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, which in certain circumstances, the MCallGetProperty opcode would emit with unmet assumptions that could result in an exploitable use-after-free condition. GStreamer 1.18.1 provided some important security and memory leak fixes while providing various stability and reliability improvements. Hardware identification and configuration data package hwdata 0.341 updated the Peripheral Component Interconnect, USB and vendor identifications. The multi-purpose desktop calculator qalculate 3.14.0 improved the plot speed for functions that are defined using expressions. Other packages updated in the snapshot were libbluray 1.2.1, a month and a half of updates for libiscsi and udisks2 2.9.1.

An update of the Xfce file manager package thunar to version 1.8.16 was the lone update in snapshot 20201108. The newer version updated translations, fixed an error for custom date formats and added a missing parameter to the ThunarBrowserPokeDeviceFunc function.

Three packages were updated in snapshot 20201107. Some fixes for the debugging format DWARF-5 was made with the package update to binutils 2.35 and a linker was added to produce a dependency file listing the inputs processed. Function tests were made more robust with perl-IO-Tty 1.15 and the rpm-config-SUSE package was updated to version 0.g64.

Snapshot 20201106 brought important updates for the version of java-11-openjdk; several CVEs were addressed in the new version and improvements to jpeg processing and decoding were also made with the update. GNOME’s personal photo manager shotwell, which was the subject of a legal dispute between GNOME and patent troll Rothschild Patent Imaging (RPIL), updated to version 0.30.11; the image organizer enabled sandboxing for WebKitGTK.

The only major version update arrived in snapshot 20201105. The snapshot provided the new release of Apparmor 3, which adds support for new Linux Kernel features like upstream v8 network socket rules, xattr attachment conditionals and capabilities PERFMON and BPF; it also has a new aa-features-abi for extracting feature abis from the kernel. Other packages to update in the snapshot were ImageMagick, firebird 3.0.7, fwupd 1.5.1, libvirt 6.9.0 and vim 8.2.1955.

There was a mailing list migration this past week for openSUSE infrastructure and the Tumbleweed snapshot reviewer is temporarily down. The reviewer is likely broken due to a Python script that was affected by the email migration. Help is certainly welcomed. The reviewer code can be found at

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