LLVM, KDE Gear, GNOME Update in Tumbleweed

30. Apr 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

LLVM, KDE Gear, GNOME Update in Tumbleweed

Six openSUSE Tumbleweed were released this week.

The snapshots delivered updated versions of curl, KDE Gear, LLVM, GNOME 40, Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird and much more.

The 20210428 snapshot updated the Linux Kernel to version 5.12 and text editor vim to version 8.2.2800. The virtualbox update to 6.1.20 took care of a hang for guest operating systems under circumstances where Hyper-V is used and the VM packaged added support for kernel versions 5.11 and 5.12. Domaine name cacher dnsmasq 2.85 added --dynamic-host options and debugger strace 5.12.0 made improvements and implemented an option to display SELinux contexts.

Daniel Stenberg detailed the patch release of curl 7.76.1 in a video on April 14, which made it into snapshot 20210427. No new features were made with the curl release, but Stenberg acknowledged contributions in the video and highlighted the selection of HTTP/2 over HTTPS. Open-source file pager less updated to version 581, which fixed some crashes and added several new options in the release. Utility probing package os-prober updated to version 1.78 and firmware package shim-leap updated to version 15.4.

Snapshot 20210426 updated about 15 packages, which included the 5.11.16 Linux Kernel and an updated version of java-11-openjdk, which had a very large update and addressed two Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. A fix for container runtime binary labels were made in the update of container-selinux 2.160.1. A major version of ncompress 5.0 cleaned up some code and fixed the recursive mode. General purpose cryptographic library libgcrypt provided some accelerated implementations for x86_64 in the 1.9.3 update. Other packages to update in the snapshot are pipewire 0.3.26, rubygem-nokogiri 1.11.3, python-pydot 1.4.2 and more.

KDE Gear 21.04.0, which is the new name for KDE apps, arrived in snapshot 20210425. A new menu option was added in the file archiver Ark to show the about dialog for kpart. File manager Dolphin removed some input methods and fixed the alignment of the location bar during the first startup. KDE’s text editor Kate fixed a memory leak and some compiler warnings. Video editor Kdenlive fixed a few crashes and the keyframe limit on imports from the clipboard. GNOME 40 had multiple updates. Translations were made with gedit 40.1, Document viewer evince 40.1 added three patches to remove more SyncTeX, and gnome-tweaks 40.0 made a fix bumping up from the beta version, which failed to recognize when GNOME Shell was running in the release candidate version. Both gtk3 and gtk4 were updated to 3.24.28 and 4.2.0 respectively. GTK4 brought some event matching fixes for missed layouts for Wayland. Other packages updated in the snapshot were NetworkManager 1.30.4, glib2 2.68.1, pango 1.48.4, rsyslog 8.2104.0 and wireshark 3.4.5, which fixed the printing of GeoIP information.

Snapshot 20210423 updated Mozilla’s Firefox to version 88.0 and Thunderbird to version 78.10.0. The browser has a new feature with PDF forms now supporting JavaScript embedded in PDF files. The open-source browser also made a change to the microphone and camera prompts reducing the number of times a prompt asks to grant device access on a website. Nine CVEs were fixed with the Thunderbird email client; one of which could have executed an arbitrary FTP command on FTP servers using an encoded URL. Regressions were fixed with redis 6.2.2 and a Xen update restored a change that was silently removed almost two years ago. YaST had multiple packages updated and many of those entailed some spec file cleanups.

The week’s opening snapshot, 20210422, gave audio users an update with Audacity 3.0.2; the audio software added some new preferences for output and improved diagnostics reporting. The major version of llvm12 12.0.0 arrived and the compiler brought in a ton of changes. There were changes for architecture targets, the WebAssembly target, go bindings, C Application Programming Interfaces and much more. AppStream made some parsing improvements and improved a text wrap for when words could be excessively long. Text shaping package harfbuzz, developed by everyone’s favorite font expert Behdad Esfahbod, improved some shape joining scripts and provided documentation improvements. Other packages updated in the snapshot were hwinfo 21.73, sqlite 3.35.5, sudo 1.9.6 and more.

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