Tumbleweed Gets RubyGems Updates, New systemd

9. Jul 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed Gets RubyGems Updates, New systemd

A total of four openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots have been released since the last update.

Three smaller snapshots, which included a new systemd update, and one large snapshot, which included a bunch of RubyGems updates, provided several upstream packages for rolling release users.

The newest snapshot available for end users was 20210703, which brought just two updated packages. The first package update was made to the data compression library zlib-ng-compat; the update to version 2.0.5 made some minor improvements to small data chunks and fixed an inflate corruption on AArch64. GNU Compiler Collection 11 updated the headbranch and fixed some legacy Fortran code, which is a general-purpose, compiled imperative programming language developed at IBM in the 1950s for numeric computations and scientific computing.

The biggest snapshot was 20210702. The snapshot was mostly filled with RubyGems. Both rubygem-rails 6.0.4 and 5.2.6 were updated. The 6.0.4 version fixed an issue in ActiveSupport::Cache::RedisCacheStore that was not passing options to read_multi, which caused fetch_multi to not work properly. The 4.6.0 rubygem-commander, which bridges terminal related libraries, dropped support for Ruby 2.4 and fixed an error with SortedSet on Ruby 3.0. The patch-level verification package for bundled apps, rubygem-bundler-audit 0.8.0, added several configurations and now supports a --database option for specifying a path to an alternative ruby-advisory-db copy. PipeWire updated to version 0.3.31 and provided some fixes for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture-Library 1.2.5 and Bluetooth now uses a hardware database to disable non-working features on listed devices. GNOME’s IRC app Polari updated to version 40.0, which added Libera.Chat to the predefined networks. Other packages to update in the snapshot were GNOME’s library that is full of GTK+ widgets for mobile phones libhandy 1.2.3, text editor vim 8.2.3075, sendmail and openSUSE’s libstorage-ng 4.4.19 package.

The not so frequently updated systemd package arrived in snapshot 20210701. The move from version to 246.13 to 248.3 brings a new systemd-sysext tool that can be used to merge, unmerge, list, and refresh system extension hierarchies. The new version introduces the concept of system extension images and now allows sysusers configuration files shipped by systemd rpms to be overridden during system installation. The 3.1 sysuser-tools version added dependencies on those greater than or equal to systemd 238 if systemd is installed to sysuser-shadow. YaST jumped a few versions to 4.4.14 and added a RISC-V 64-bit architecture helper. Remote desktop client package remmina 1.4.19 added a process-control to the remmina snapcraft and made some User Interface improvements. Other packages to update in the snapshot were Bluetooth utility package blueberry 1.4.4 and python-gst 1.18.4.

The snapshot that was released just shortly before last week’s update was snapshot 20210629. This snapshot updated four RubyGems packages. These gems included rubygem-virtus 2.0.0, which added a new method and replaced an equalizer with an internal virtus/equalizer, and rubygem-webpacker 5.4.0, which added experimental support for the Yarn 2 package manager. Both rubygem-tzinfo-0 0.3.60 and rubygem-websocket-driver 0.7.5 were also included in the snapshot. KDE package for repetitive strain injury called rsibreak cleaned up the spec file, mirror code and made some translation improvements in the update to 0.12.14; the package helps people take regular breaks from sitting too long in front of a computer.

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