GNOME, Wireshark update in Tumbleweed

23. Jul 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

GNOME, Wireshark update in Tumbleweed

Since last Friday, five openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots have been released.

GNOME 40, btrfs, Mesa, Wireshark and several other package updates landed this week in the rolling release.

The last snapshot posted to the openSUSE-Factory mailing list was 20210721. The snapshot contained updates for both GNOME 40 and the userspace utility to manage the btrfs file system; the btrfsprogs 5.13 package improved documentation, made some fixes and added preparations for the 5.14 Linux Kernel. GNOME 40 on the other hand had a slew of updates that focused on updating translations and bug fixing. A regression was fixed in the 40.3 gnome-maps package and the 40.3 gnome-software package fixed a crash that sometimes happened when clicking on a website button on a details page. Another crash that was fixed in gnome-terminal 3.40.3 affected the loading of the reference schema source, which failed. The 4.4.14 autoyast2 package now copies files to a correct location based on details listed at bsc#1188357. The text-sharpening package known as harfbuzz updated to version 2.8.2 and made various fixes and improvements to the subsetter. Other notable packages to update in the snapshot were yast2-users 4.4.4, text rendering package pango 1.48.7, system call tracer strace 5.13 and many others.

Just three packages were updated in snapshot 20210720. The cpupower 5.14 version included an upstream patch and made a speed select modification for Intel hardware. The other two packages to update were ibus-table-others 1.3.12, which updated some function keys, and the library openblas_pthreads 0.3.16, which had some architecture fixes and improvements for RISC-V.

Five packages updated in snapshot 20210718. Wireshark 3.4.7 fixed a Distributed Network Protocol dissector crash and a Common Vulnerability and Exposure. The mdevctl utility for managing devices updated to version 0.81 and fixed a defined aspect in the json file. A crash was fixed as well as an initialization error in the video codec library libaom 3.1.1. Both libslirp 4.6.0 and polkit-default-privs were also updated.

The 5.13.2 Linux Kernel has some bluetooth and Advanced Linux Sound Architecture fixes in snapshot 20210717. Mesa had a version bump to 21.1.5 in the snapshot, which was a minor bugfix release. The yast2 packages that were updated focused on security and the User Interface. Mozilla Firefox went CVE hunting and closed about nine vulnerabilities with its brand new 90 version; one of those was a memory safety bug. GTK2 support, which was used for a Flash plugin, was removed in the update of the browser. Mozilla also had an update of Thunderbird in the Tumbleweed snapshot. Just four CVEs were closed d in the release, which also fixed the memory safety bug that affected the release candidate for Firefox 90 and Firefox Extended Support Release 78.12.

The week started off with snapshot 20210716, which had more than a handful of Python Package Index updates; python-setuptools updated from version 44.1.1 to 57.0.0. A patch in the new major version was added to remove a dependency cycle for one simple function. There is no python2 support in the setuptools with the new version, according to the changelog. Ethernet device management tool ethtool 5.13 added some upstream features like a netlink handler for module and xwayland 21.1.2.

According to the review of week 29 systemd 249 and rpmlint 2.0 are in staging will be released soon.

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