VirtualBox, Plasma, systemd Updates in Tumbleweed

29. Oct 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

VirtualBox, Plasma, systemd Updates in Tumbleweed

Rolling release users had a variety of package updates this week to include updates of rpm, Plasma, rsyslog, webkit2gtk3, systemd, AppStream and more, which were updated throughout the week’s four openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots.

The latest snapshot to be released, 20211027, updated eight packages. Mozilla Thunderbird 91.2.1 increased the memory required per threads for AArch64 to avoid an out of memory state and the email client also had Link Time Optimization enabled for Tumbleweed. The php7 7.4.25 update was a security release focusing on bug fixes like one that affected high memory usage during encoding detection and another fix addressed Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure–2021-21703. The 9.22 version of the real-time web framework perl-Mojolicious added a referer method and fixed the response status log message to use the trace log level instead of debug. A second release this week of mpg123 updated the package to version 1.29.2, which had a single fix for a non-live-decoder safeguard. AppStream, which is a cross-distribution package for standardizing software component metadata, updated to version 0.14.6; the new version updated documentation and added support for source locales. The package also added support for image and video screenshot handling and the changed states that it added Fedora to the continuous integration environment.

Snapshot 20211025 had an update of rpm 4.17.0. The update had many improvements, new translations and python generators and debuginfo extraction have been split into a separate upstream project. The rsyslog had two updates in Tumbleweed this week and this snapshot brought in version 8.2110.0, which fixes a couple of bugs affecting configurations. The 5.14.14 Linux Kernel had a whole bunch of fixes for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture and Btrfs. There were also several 4.2.20 library updates for libyui , which implemented the C++17 standard for package plugins. Another update in the snapshot was the update of the Free Remote Desktop package freerdp 2.4.1; the package update addressed two CVEs and one of those was an improper client input validation for gateway connections that would allow to overwrite memory.

Snapshot 20211024 provided the Plasma 5.23.1 update. This first minor update had a fix for its Discover app store to prevent a Flatpak crash when a source is disabled. KDE’s Plasma X Window Manager and Wayland Compositor KWin fixed the downloading software-rotated textures for PipeWire handling. Plasma Desktop fixed the “clear emoji history” action. The 6.1.28 version update of virtualbox fixed some audio issues and brought more administrative control over network ranges. The hypervisor also fixed a virtual machine black screen issue that happened on first resize after restoring from saved state. An update of webkit2gtk3 2.34.1 fixed a couple crashes affecting the WebKit rendering engine; one of the crashes would happen when loading videos on reddit. Several patches were removed from Ian Darwin’s open-source reimplementation of the file(1) command tool in version 5.41; the package added a new flag and requires that the match is a full word and not a partial word match. A version jump from libstorage-ng 4.4.44 to version 4.4.51 brought translations for Czech, Japanese and Slovak languages. The storage package also simplified parted flag handling. Other packages to update in the snapshot were acpica 20210930, java-11-openjdk, graphic visualization package graphviz 2.49.1 and more than a dozen other packages.

An updated 1.9.19 version of the audio package JACK was released in snapshot 20211021. The new version added an argument to wait for a soundcard to become available and fixed a collection of documentation. The systemd service manager update to version 249.5 dropped the list of valid net naming schemes and the update allows for extra net naming schemes to be defined during configuration. ImageMagick improved the algorithm for automatic calculation of point size for captions and labels. The 4.7.0 version of iso-codes updated translations for Indonesian; the International Organization for Standardization package also added common names for South Korea and North Korea. The rsyslog package improved the error message output on Transport Layer Security failures in version 8.2108.0; the super-speedy logging system also added parameter ignoreolderthanoption and instructs the Text File Input Module not to ingest a file that has not been modified in the specified number of seconds. Audio player and decoder library mpg123 1.29.1 fixed the reporting of device property flags for buffer libmpg123. Several Python Package Index versions were updated in the snapshot; python-apipkg had a major update to 2.1.0: python-cachetools 4.2.4 added submodule shims for backward compatibility; and python-greenlet fixed a potential crash and a leak in version 1.1.2. Other pckages to update in the snapshot were libzypp 17.28.6, mc 4.8.27, thai-fonts 0.7.3, gnome-clocks 41.0 and more.

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