Tumbleweed Snapshots Glide Forward

4. Nov 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed Snapshots Glide Forward

openSUSE Tumbleweed is on a roll this week.

The week prior put together frequent Tumbleweed snapshots and the rolling release has been delivering continuous daily software updates since Oct. 27.

Updated documentation for the --whitespace-off feature in urlscan 0.9.7 was made in the latest 20211102 snapshot. Two other packages were also included in the snapshot; both packages were versions of the Chinese input method ibus-sunpinyin and sunpinyin

Snapshot 20211101 updated two packages. The general-purpose parser bison updated to version 3.8.2. It removed support for the YYPRINT macro and added a new C++ native GLR parser. The other package to update in the snapshot was gdb 11.1; the debugger added many maintenance scripts and removed several obsolete Fedora patches. The gdb package now supports general memory tagging functionality if the underlying architecture supports the proper primitives and hooks, which is currently only enabled for the AArch64 Memory Tagging Extension.

The 20211031 snapshot updated 3D Graphics Library Mesa 21.2.5 and Mesa-drivers 21.2.5. The version bumps had fixes for the Panfrost driver stack. Some bug fixes were also made for the Radeon Vulkan driver that fixed a couple game issues and a GPU hang. There were codecs and format fixes in the ffmpeg-4 4.4.1 update. Several 5.15.2 versions of the libqt5 suite were updated in the snapshot and the 1.21.2 version of wget updated support for autoconf 2.71.

Linux’s Bluetooth protocol stack was updated in snapshot 20211030. The newest version of bluez 5.62 fixed an issue involving the Audio Video Control Transport Protocol (AVCTP) browsing channel and missing Enhanced Re-Transmission Mode (ERTM); the software package also added support for certain types of connection failures. PipeWire 0.3.39 brought stability and compatibility improvements in JACK apps as well as bringing better Bluetooth compatibility with more devices. Turkish and Hindi languages were updated in the yast2-trans package. Other packages to update in the snapshot were freecell-solver 6.6.0, sshfs 3.7.2 and python-SQLAlchemy 1.4.25.

KDE’s Plasma 5.23.2 bugfix release arrived in snapshot 20211029. Some functionality was restored with the plasma-desktop folder and the task manager prevents some useless component creation. KWin had a Wayland fix that ignored the keyboard RepeatRate. An update of flatpak 1.12.2 updated translations, improved diagnostic messages when seccomp rules cannot be applied and fixed the error handling for syscalls that were blocked when not using --devel. An update of autoyast2 4.4.19 avoided an internal error when checking a signature and added some elements to the partitioning schema, which was reflected in the yast2-schema 4.4.4 update. Other packages to update in the snapshot were software package and dependency manager yarn 1.22.17), kernel-firmware 20211027, libstorage-ng 4.4.53 and libsoup 3.0.2.

Both ncurses 6.3.20211021 and pcre2 10.38 were updated in the 20211028 snapshot.

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