Git, curl, systemd Roll with Tumbleweed

26. Nov 2021 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Git, curl, systemd Roll with Tumbleweed

openSUSE Tumbleweed gave rolling release users a snapshot every day this past week.

The latest snapshot to be released was 20211124. This snapshot brought systemd 249.7, which focused on package tests and updated dependencies for the testsuite. The text editor vim had a minor update to version 8.2.3640, but it was filled with many fixes; some of the fixes included taking care of a memory leak, crashes and performance issues related to GTK. The removal of a redundant script header was made in the update of dracut and optimal compression parameters were made for zstd in the Linux-boot process package. Other packages to update in the snapshot were autoyast2 4.4.22, embedded Linux library ell 0.46, GNOME’s document viewer evince 41.3 and gtk-vnc 1.3.0.

Snapshot, 20211123, updated git 2.34.0, which removed the --preserve-merges option of git rebase. The package also adjusted git add, git mv, and git rm to avoid updating paths outside of the sparse-checkout definition unless the user specifies a --sparse option. The C client libary mariadb-connector-c 3.2.5 removed a callback function because it could not be cleared; this affected versions equal to or less than OpenSSL 1.0.2. Also updated in the snapshot were yast2-packager 4.4.14, yast2-schema 4.4.6 and yast2-trans; the latter had updated translations for Japanese, Slovak and Catalan.

The second Linux Kernel update of the week arrived in snapshot 20211122. With the kernel-source 5.15.3 update, Advanced Linux Sound Architecture for Clevo computers were fixed. KVM had a few changes to include one for the handling of dynamic Model-Specific Register (MSR) intercept toggling. Daniel Stenberg provided video content about the updates for curl 7.80.0; the release, which is the 204th, added SHA256 fingerprint support and fixed a memory leak if an SSL session cannot be added to the cache. An update of xfsprogs to version 5.14.0 introduced liburcu support. The yast2-bootloader 4.4.8 package configured the custom boot partition and made it more robust and intuitive. Other openSUSE packages to change were snapper, which was retrograded from version 0.9.1 to 0.9.0, and transactional-update 3.6.2, which fixed several applications that failed to run if a mount point has the unbindable mount flag set. Web framework package python-falcon had a minor release of a major upgrade to 3.0.1; the upgrade from the previous 2.0.0 version that Tumbleweed had now includes ASGI-based asyncio and WebSocket support; the package brings better error handling with enhancements to existing features. A few pypi packages were updated in this and the previous day’s snapshot.

The pypi packages that arrived in snapshot 20211121 were python-requests 2.26.0, python-importlib-resources 5.4.0 and python-packaging 21.2, which dropped support for Python 2.7, Python 3.4 and Python 3.5. A backport of upstream commits became available with the update of systemd-rpm-macros 14. The other two package to update in the snapshot were util-linux 2.37.2 and util-linux-systemd 2.37.2.

The update of systemd 249.6 arrived in snapshot 20211120 and there are a complete list of changes available on GitHub; there was a mass amount of documentation improvements in the package update as well. An update of firewalld 1.0.2 fixed some typos and classifications related to nftables. An update of yast2-storage-ng 4.4.14 from a YaST Sprint in October adapted the way YaST references LUKS devices in the fstab file to make it easier for systemd to handle some situations. Other packages updated in the snapshot were php7 7.4.26, libstorage-ng 4.4.57, ncurses 6.3 and more.

Mesa 21.3.0 was one of the packages to update in snapshot 20211119. The Meda update makes the Panfrost driver officially GLES 3.1 conformant. The update of nodejs16 16.13.0 brought in an experimental ESM Loader Hooks Application Programming Interface. Fixes to stack overflow when parsing malicious ps image files were made in the update of ImageMagick The image editor will no longer copy the profile of the PSD file to all the images; only the first returned image will contain the profile. To re-enable the old behavior add -define psd:replicate-profile=true. The update of snapper to version 0.9.1 looked to fix some systemd sandboxing before being retrograded in a later snapshot. Many YaST packages were updated in the snapshot like yast2 4.4.22, autoyast2 4.4.21, yast2-installation 4.4.22, yast2-packager 4.4.13 and yast2-update 4.4.4. The updates for these packages are regularly described in YaST blogs.

Starting out the week, snapshots 20211118 gave users a reason to smile with an update of GNOME’s webcam application cheese 41.1, which updated the description of the project along with translations. An update of iproute2 5.15 added Link Aggregation Control Protocol active support and python-argon2-cffi 21.1.0 was modified to skip building for Python 2 because it is not supported anymore. The Linux Kernel updated from version 5.14.14 to version 5.15.2 in Tumbleweed to start a continuous week of joyful snapshots. Have a lot of fun!

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