Nano, Plasma, TigerVNC update in Tumbleweed

25. Feb 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Nano, Plasma, TigerVNC update in Tumbleweed

Snapshots of openSUSE Tumbleweed continue to be released at a steady pace. There have been seven snapshots released since our last review.

The latest snapshot is 20220223 and it dropped an updated version of systemd 249.10. The version changed the settings to increase the external core size for processing coredumps to infinity. Flatpak 1.12.6 updated translations and fixed a bug that sometimes caused repo corruption when downloads were interrupted or canceled. A handful of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures were fixed in the mariadb 10.7.3 update. CVE-2021-46665, CVE-2021-46664, CVE-2021-46661, CVE-2021-46668 and CVE-2021-46663, which caused the application to crash, were all fixed in the updated version. Many CVEs were also fixed with the the XML parser expat 2.4.6; one of those was fixing an integer overflow in the copyString function. Several other packages updated in the snapshot including autoyast2 4.4.31, yast2-security 4.4.12 and yast2-installation 4.4.44.

Text editor nano 6.2 came in snapshot 20220222. In this version, the file browser clears the prompt bar when using --minibar, and better analyzing of code with a newer source file parser pyflakes is now an option available for nano. Virtualization package Xen added multiple x86_64 patches in the 4.16.0_06 version and an update of both vulkan-tools and vulkan-loader brought new features like a profile tooling solution for application developers that enables developers to generate their own app-specific feature profiles. There was a kernel-firmware update in the snapshot, and yast2-firstboot 4.4.8 added an option to have a registration step enabled for SUSE Linux Enterprise even when running in Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Web browser Firefox had an update to 97.0.1 in snapshot 20220221. The Mozilla project fixes centered on some functionality with TikTok and Hulu. The update of php7 7.4.28 was a security release meant to fix CVE-2021-21708, which could have allowed an attacker to inject a malicious file, leading to a crash or a Segmentation fault. Italian, Germany, Chinese and Chinese (Taiwan) languages were updated in the libstorage-ng 4.4.88 update. The general-purpose e-mail package mailutils 3.14 had Transport Layer Security support rewritten from scratch and fixed a timezone calculation bug. Other packages to update in the snapshot were yast2-installation 4.4.42, python-lxml 4.8.0, libinput 1.20.0 and more.

Just two packages were update in snapshot 20220219. The Linux Kernel update to 5.16.10 was part of the snapshot. The kernel had several updates for the Network File System protocol, and there were a few Small Computer System Interface fixes. There were also a few updates in the kernel for arm64 that added detection for Trace Buffer Extensions. The update of systemd-rpm-macros 16 fixed some dependencies and renamed systemd-sysvinit to systemd-sysvcompat.

The native viewer for tigervnc now supports full screen over a subset of monitors thanks to the 1.12.0 update in snapshot 20220218. Passwords and usernames can now be specified via the environment for the native viewer with packages that interact with graphical applications on remote machines. Rendering engine webkit2gtk3 2.34.6 fixed several crashes. The package also fixed the rendering of scrollbars when overlay scrollbars are disabled, and webkit2gtk3 also fixed builds in a number of situations where the main OpenGL library was not called.

Both GNOME and KDE Plasma users received updates in snapshot 20220217. Plasma 5.24.1 was updated and the new Long-Term Support version that will be available in Leap 15.4 made some modification to the Dolphin file manager. The KScreen manager adjusted a workaround for an unknown Qt issue that caused reverted dialogs to be invisible. Window manager KWin had multiple fixes to include one for Wayland that had the decoration tooltips mispositioned. The cursor color was fixed in the xwayland 22.1.0 update. An update of gnome-shell-extensions 41.2 fixed the window tracking to avoid missing icons.The directory listing program tree 2.0.2 changed some settings and fixed a HTML URL output issue. There were a few more package updated in the snapshot.

Snapshot 20220216 was released last week shortly after last week’s Tumbleweed review was published.

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