Tumbleweed updates sudo, systemd, ibus

31. Mar 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed updates sudo, systemd, ibus

A total of four openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots were delivered this week to rolling release users.

Tumbleweed has consistently been releasing daily snapshots; a four-day period between two snapshots this week is the longest duration between snapshots since the fall of last year. Impressive.

The most recent snapshot, 20220330, updated just one package. The tiny update of perl-Mojolicious to version 9.23 enabled gzip compression by default with the Mojolicious renderer.

Snapshot 20220329 has several packages. Among the packages to update in the snapshot was ibus 1.5.26. The intelligent input bus for Linux enhanced Emoji features, enhanced compose keys and fixed the forward key keycode for GTK4. An update of strace 5.17, which is a diagnostic, debugging and instructional userspace, made some improvements and implemented a few decoding commands. Linux Bluetooth protocol bluez 5.64 removed a patch and created a fix for building with old glibc. The update of the INI file parser by kiwi Ben Hoyt to inih 55 improved the quality of shared objects by explicitly defining symbol visibility; it was updated from version 53. The snapshot also brought several Python Package Index updates. Two of those were python-cryptography 36.0.2, which updated operating systems to compile with OpenSSL 1.1.1n, and toolkit python-ipython 8.2.0, which allows auto-suggestion.

Updates of sudo and systemd came in snapshot 20220328. The 250.4 systemd copies holes when archiving Btrfs journal files and explicitly handles file systems that do not support hole punching. Some new options with sudo 1.9.10 will attempt to prevent passwords from being logged if log_passwords is disabled. Mozilla Firefox 98.0.2 fixed an issue preventing users from typing in address bar after opening a new tab and pressing cmd + enter. It also fixed an issue in session history that caused some sites to fail loading. Text shaping engine harfbuzz 4.1.0 had various bug fixes and libzypp fixed a possible hang. Packages gtk3 3.24.33+12, libsolv 0.7.22, xlockmore 5.69 and glib2 2.72.0 were some of the many to update in the snapshot.

The snapshot starting off the week, which was a day after GNOME 42 landed in Tumbleweed, was 20220324. There were a few 1.20.1 gstreamer packages to update in the snapshot. The GStreamer package fixed a gtk video sink involving a rotation not being applied when paused and various fixes to the webrtc-sendrecv. Text editor vim had a large amount of community contributions moving from version 8.2.4542 to 8.2.4602 and fixed some build failures with a combination of features. Gamers and musicians will appreciate the 0.4.9 pipewire update as surround sound in some games is now exposed properly and some bluetooth features were added and fixed. An update of the filesystem snapshot manager snapper 0.10.0 adjusted a transfer filelist to alleviate the message size for dbus.

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