GNOME, curl, Fetchmail update in Tumbleweed, WSL Image Published

6. May 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

GNOME, curl, Fetchmail update in Tumbleweed, WSL Image Published

Snapshots of openSUSE Tumbleweed flowed out this week and the rolling release also gave Microsoft Windows users a newer Windows Subsystem for Linux image.

A newly published WSL image of Tumbleweed in the Windows Store arrived on April 25. Users of the WSL image are encouraged to leave a review on the website for the developer tool.

The latest snapshot, 20220504, included the second LLVM update this week. The updated 14.0.3 version includes Application Programming Interface and Application Binary Interface changes for the new major LLVM 14 version. An update of libpipeline 1.5.6 fixed the handling of leading whitespaces for the C library used for manipulating pipelines of subprocesses in a flexible and convenient way. An update of sqlite3 3.38.3 pushed a fix that had effected missing rows in the output due to overly aggressive optimizing the automatic-index and Bloom-filter construction that used an inappropriate ON clause term. An update of yast2-trans had multiple Japanese, Polish, Slovak, Catalan and Brazilian Portuguese translations. The GPS daemon and library that supports USB and serial GPS devices, gpsd, updated to version 3.24. The new version now works with the open-source implementation of Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol 2.0. Other packages to update in the snapshot were swtpm 0.7.3 and unixODBC 2.3.10.

The 20220502 snapshot featured changes to the English dictionary package words; it updated from version 2015.02.15 to 2020.12.07 and had various new words added from previous version updates included in the five year jump. Several RubyGems packages were updated in the snapshot. One of those was the update of rubygem-gyoku 1.4.0, which translates Ruby Hashes to XML; the update removed Rubinius support and added options to allow for prettified XML outputs. The dpdk update in the snapshot had a Peripheral Component Interconnect change that assigns a driver pointer before mapping. Other packages to update in the snapshot were fribidi 1.0.12, power-profiles-daemon 0.11 and libX11 1.8, which is supposed to resolve a number of long-standing bugs with the libxcb integration.

The 20220501 snapshot updated the rolling release with GNOME 42.1; the minor version provided translation updates, API changes and a fix for a build GTK4 option. Daniel Stenberg discussed several Common Vulnerability and Exposure fixes in the version video coveraging curl 7.83.0, which landed in the snapshot. One of those was CVE-2022-22576, which could allow for the reusing OAUTH2-authenticated connections without properly ensuring the connection was authenticated with the same credentials set for transfer. There was an update of pipewire 0.3.51 that provided improvements for codec switches when a device is disconnected and Advanced Linux Sound Architecture should now work again on 32-bits in the pipewire package; improving the handling of audio and video under Linux! GNOME’s virtual filesystem gvfs updated to version 1.50.1; it had some API changes that fixed a couple hangs and crashes. The gvfs package wasn’t the only filesystem update in the snapshot. An update of btrfsprogs 5.17 arrived in the snapshot and it had some cleanup and refactoring; the update also included improved build documentation for the rollback filesystem. A massive amount of RubyGems packages were updated in the snapshot and there were several libraries updated as well. Other notable packages to update in the snapshot were LLVM 14.0.1, nano 6.3, aws-cli 1.23.1, redis 6.2.7 and more.

People using fetchmail will have noted an update in snapshot 20220428. The update to version 6.4.30 provided security fixes, added a wolfSSL compatibility workaround and updated Serbian, Romanian, Vietnamese and Spanish translations. Package manager yarn 1.22.18 fixed some breakage in url.resolve that was introduced by Node.js 17.7.0, which caused network errors. The regressions were fixed on the 17.7.1 version of Node.js as well. Translations were made in the yast2-firstboot 4.5.2 update. The PDF rendering package poppler 22.04.0 fixed some content that, while written correctly, wasn’t displaying correctly with Adobe Reader. The package also had code improvements and fixed a few small memory leaks. OpenSSL3 gateway support was made in the update of freerdp 2.7.0. Other packages to update in the snapshot were SDL2 2.0.22, ell 0.50 and more.

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