openSUSE.Asia Summit 2022 Main Track Call For Papers

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openSUSE.Asia Summit 2022 Main Track Call For Papers

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2022

Call For Papers

CFP deadline is extended to Aug 13, Fri. And Notification to speakers: Week of August 22, 2022. Let's submit your proposal.

It is a pleasure to announce the call for papers for openSUSE.Asia summit 2022 Main Track starting today, the openSUSE.Asia Committee is looking for speakers from different avenues of life, representing and advocating Free and Open Source Software. openSUSE.Asia Summits are organized every year to promote the use of free and open source software and have been appreciated events for the openSUSE community (i.e. both contributors and users) in Asia. Following the last Asia Virtual Summit hosted by India team, the eighth openSUSE.Asia Summit 2022 will be held by openSUSE online volunteer team on Late September. The past Asia Summits received major participation from Indonesia, China mainland, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and India.

This year’s event will consist of the two parts: the Asia Summit Main Track and local online/offline parts held in several Asian countries/regions. This call is for the Asia Summit Main Track. The event is going to be completly virtual and use online conference tools. Talks will be live, but you can record video in advance if you want it.


openSUSE.Asia Summit 2022 will invite talks relevant to openSUSE and other topics like Cloud, Virtualization, Container, Container Orchestration, Linux desktop environments and applications since openSUSE is a collection of various FLOSS products. The examples of the topics (not limited to) are as the following:

  • openSUSE (including Leap, Tumbleweed, Open Build Services, openQA, YaST)
  • openSUSE Kubic & MicroOS, Cloud, Virtualization, Container, and Container Orchestration
  • Embedded and IoT
  • Security (Access/Integrity control, Cryptography, Vulnerability management)
  • Desktop environments and applications (e.g. GNOME, KDE, XFCE)
  • Office suite, graphic art, multimedia (e.g. LibreOffice, Calligra, GIMP, Inkscape)
  • Multilingualization support (e.g. input methods, translation)
  • Other software running on openSUSE

Please note that non-technical talks are also welcome. For example:

  • Explanations of FLOSS technologies
  • Development, Quality Assurance, Translation
  • Tips & Tricks, Experience stories (success or fail), Best practice
  • Marketing and community management
  • Education

Types of sessions

We are inviting proposals for these 2 types of sessions.

  • Keynote or long talks with presentation (30 min + Q&A)
  • Short talk with/without presentation (15 min + Q&A)

Due to a shorter attention span during online sessions, we will keep talks short and engaging.

  • The deadline of the call for proposals: August 13, 2022
  • Notification to speakers: Week of August 22, 2022
  • openSUSE.Asia Summit 2022: Week of September 26 (The local events during the summit will be announced later among each local community. Please stay tuned.)
  • Conference Timings:
    • Sep 30 Fri 2022 : 10:00 UTC - 15:00 UTC
    • Oct 1 Sat 2022 : 4:00 UTC - 7:00 UTC

How to submit your proposal

Please submit your proposal to the event

  • Your proposal must be written in English and 150–500 words long with an appropriate title.
  • You need to use English both in speech and on slides.
  • Please run spell and grammar checks for your proposal before submission. LibreOffice Language tools and Grammarly
  • Your biography on your profile page is also a reviewed document. Please do not forget to write your background.
  • You must obey openSUSE Conference code of Conduct. You will receive a forms link after successful submission of proposal for further information requirements.

Guide to write your proposal

Please ensure that your proposal is about and around a topic

For example, if your talk is on security or desktop application, a wholesome proposal will always start with steps to install the application first.

Please include the reasons as to why your proposal should be the one.

It may contain the following as a reason:

  • Need of the application/ technology/ solution
  • Future prospects of the proposed solution
  • Learnings for the target audience (beginners, contributors)

Do not hesitate to contact the local team on social media or write to the committee if you are not sure about writing your proposal or preparing your presentation.

Contact Organising committee

For any enquiries regarding the programme, please contact:

We look forward to see you at openSUSE.Asia Summit 2022.

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