MicroOS Install Workshop, Feedback Sessions Planned

27. Jul 2022 | Emily Gonyer and Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

MicroOS Install Workshop, Feedback Sessions Planned

In an effort so gain more user insight and perspective for the development of the Adaptable Linux Platform (ALP), members of the openSUSE community workgroup will have a MicroOS Desktop install workshop on August 2.

There will be feedback sessions the following weeks during the community workgroup and community meeting.

Users are encouraged to install the MicroOS Desktop (ISO image 3.8 GiB) during the week of August 1. There will be a short Installation Presentation during the ALP Workgroup Meeting at 14:30 UTC on August 2 for those who need a little assistance.

During the next two weeks’ meetings, follow ups will be given with a final Lucid Presentation on August 16 during the regularly scheduled workgroup.

Users are encouraged to note how their use, installation and experience goes on a spreadsheet while also using it as a reference for tips and examples on what to try.

Workflow examples like tweaking the immutable system by running sudo transactional-update shell or podman basics with container port forwarding and podman volumes are also on the list.

The call for people to test spin MicroOS Desktop has received a lot of feedback like the need for documentations for Flatpak on flatpak user profiles (located at ~/.var/app) and many other key points, which is the whole point of the exercise to try MicroOS to gain some valuable lessons for ALP.

In managing expectations, people testing MicroOS should be aware that it is based on openSUSE Tumbleweed, that YaST is not available and that MicroOS’ release manager would appreciate contributions rather than bug reports. MicroOS currently supports two desktop environments. GNOME is currently supported as a Release Candidate and KDE’s Plasma is in Alpha. MicroOS Desktop is currently the closest representation of what users can expect from next generation Desktop by SUSE.

Users have download the MicroOS Desktop at https://get.opensuse.org/microos/ and see instructions and record comments on the spreadsheet.

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