Call for Testing Next Generation Installer

27. Oct 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Call for Testing Next Generation Installer

Members of the openSUSE Project’s release team are asking community to help the YaST team with early testing of the installer images.

The installer is progressing its way to openSUSE Factory and will arrive in an Adaptable Linux Platform prototype at a later date.

The installer, which is reffered to as the D-Installer by the YaST team, has installer images for testing and is seeking input/feedback through a feedback guide.

There are several sets of instructions in the guide that is meant to elicit feedback on the next generation installer.

The team is also looking to rename the D-Installer to another name and an openSUSE Tweet asks people to suggest a new name. The D-Installer visually checks the installation settings at a glance and is one of the key areas that the release team would like the community to focus on during the next weeks.

An installer workshop is scheduled during a community meeting on Nov. 8. People can use this feedback guide to test items for the next installer and provide feedback in the document or during the workshop.

The github page for the installer has a few listed issues and people can also contribute and provide feedback there.

The current ALP prototype only has x86-64.

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