Git, PostgreSQL, Btrfs update in Tumbleweed

11. Nov 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Git, PostgreSQL, Btrfs update in Tumbleweed

This week saw a new all-time high of continuous openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots released, which surpasses the previous streak of 26.

That streak continues and the snapshots have provided a few major version software updates along with several bug fixing updates.

The latest snapshot bringing the distribution to an all-time high of 29 is 20221109. This snapshot updates Mesa and Mesa-drivers to versions 22.2.3. The 3D graphics package dropped a package related to Intel Vulkan Application Programming Interfaces and it fixed some regressions affecting continuous integration. An update of libzypp 17.31.5 created a .no_auto_prune in the package to prevent an auto cleanup of orphaned repositories. The text-based user interface writer package ncurses 6.3.20221105 fixed another memory leak and added a few patches from October. Other packages to update in the snapshot were mobile-broadband-provider-info 20221107, elfutils 0.188, perl-Image-ExifTool 12.50 and a half a dozen more.

A major version package update in snapshot 20221108 was made to paper setting package libpaper 2.0.3. The package fixes a segmentation fault when /HOME is unset. The package also dropped a patch and fixed a space leak in case of an error parsing paper specifications. Developers will not have to worry about two Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures fixed in git 2.38.1. A fix for surprising behavior with --local clone optimization had resolved CVE-2022-39253 and a fix for CVE-2022-39260, which could be exploited by victims who had git shell exposed as a login shell, and have enabled its interactive mode by creating the directory /HOME/git-shell-commands. A fixed migration to OpenSSL 3 was made in the nodejs19 19.0.1 update. An update of bind 9.18.8 added new features like support for parsing and validating the dohpath service parameter, which added DNS record type SVCB. The package now logs the supported cryptographic algorithms during startup and in the output of named -V. GNOME’s gedit 43.1 had a fix that cut text off at the bottom in certain situations, and dnsmasq 2.87 added snooping of IPv6 prefix-delegations to the DHCP-relay system. Other packages to update in the snapshot were libsoup 3.2.2, a few GNOME 43.1 updates and several other packages.

The 20221107 snapshot was super small. It updated xterm 375, which fixed a couple regressions and changed the default for sixel scrolling resource to better match VT330/VT340 DECSDM settings. Fingerprint reading package libfprint had a fork allowing the loading of external modules and the non-free modules will be included in Packman repositories, according to the changelog. The make 4.4 version warned of future backward-incompatibility for the next release with several warnings for build requirements and other backward-incompatibility issues. There were also several new features and functions in the minor update like a function that “allows user-defined functions to define a set of local variables: values can be assigned to these variables from within the user-defined function and they will not impact global variable assignments.”

Snapshot 20221106 updated a few packages as well. Mozilla Firefox 106.0.5 had a fix for crashes experienced by users with Intel Gemini Lake CPUs. Linuxl kernel-firmware 20221031 added firmware for Cirrus CS35L41, which is the industry’s first 55 nm smart audio amplifier solution for mobile devices. The update of the kernel-source to version 6.0.7 also focused on audio having several Advanced Linux Sound Architecture changes. There were a few USB adjustments made with the DWC3 driver in the kernel as well. XML security library xmlsec1 1.2.36 had a migration to OpenSSL 3.0 Application Programming Interfaces and the package deprecated OpenSSL before 1.1.0 and LibreSSL before 2.7.0.

The Guy Fawkes Day snapshot, 20221105, seemed fitting to have an update of firewalld 1.2.1 and configuration-management library augeas 1.13.0. The firewalld package fixed nftables with dropping invalid packets before a zone dispatch, and the package added documentation protocols to rich language to extend current zone elements. Augeas improved readline integration to handle quoting issues and a new lens to parse the /proc/cmdline parameters that were added. Another major version in this week’s snapshot was the translation from the release candidate (RC) to the official postgresql 15 release. The package has noticeable gains for managing workloads in both local and distributed deployments, and it improves on its in-memory and on-disk sorting algorithms; according to the announcement benchmarks show speedups of 25 to 400 percent based on which data types are sorted. A few other packages were updated.

Snapshot 20221104 updated KDE Gear 22.08.3. An update of KDE file manager Dolphin fixed the opening of a new window unnecessarily, and Bahrain, which was not showing in Asia on KGeography maps, was fixed, so make sure to tell the people you know using Plasma that Bahrain isn’t some mystical island continent like Australia, only smaller. KDE Gear 22.08.3 also had an update for its travel reservation package KItinerary, which added an Italo train ticket extractor script, so ticket checkers in Italy will have less awkward conversations. An update of sqlite3 3.39.4 fixed a long-standing problem that in rare cases caused database corruption if the application uses an application-defined page cache. Several other packages were updated in the snapshot including libvirt 8.9.0, php7 7.4.33 and more.

There were a few packages worth mentioning in the two snapshots that started off the week. Snapshot 20221103 updated btrfsprogs to version 6.0, and it now has a option -O that accepts values from -R to unify the interface, but -R will continue to work. The file system utilities also put in some experimental mkfs support for block-group-tree related to RC Linux Kernel 6.1. A couple of regressions made their way into xwayland 22.1.4 like a double-scroll wheel event and a key repeat, which were fixed with the 22.1.5 update. Snapshot 20221102 updated to the 6.0.6 kernel-source and mpg123 to version 1.31.1.

The continuous streak of Tumbleweed snapshots stands at 29.

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