GLib, GTK, NetworkManager update in Tumbleweed 

8. Dec 2022 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

GLib, GTK, NetworkManager update in Tumbleweed 

The first six days of December have brought openSUSE Tumbleweed users six snapshots and developers plenty of conversation.

More than 200 messages about changing parts of the rolling release’s microarchitecture have been posted this past week on the Factory mailing list, but during this time Tumbleweed keeps rolling forward updating packages like vim, mutt and more.

Just a handful of packages arrived in snapshot 20221206. An update to urlscan 0.9.10 was one of those packages, and it added * as an allowed URL special character. There was a reversion of libX11 to 1.8.1 because of a hang/crash experienced by both Gentoo and openSUSE. The Python tool for working with audio files provided track and disc number support for JSON and YAML plugins; this eyeD3 package, which seems like a great name for having a cool logo, updated to version 0.9.7, but it removed Python 3.6 support. The Pidgin chat plugin purple-mattermost updated to version 2.1 and will fetch the last 60 messages when a channel is joined for the first time. The self explanatory package perl-Bootloader 0.940 added some basic support for systemd-boot.

In snapshot 20221205, some stubbornness in finding a font appears to have been resolved with updating the PDF rendering package poppler to version 22.12.0. The email client mutt updated to version 2.2.9 and updated the gpgme autoconf files to the latest versions. It also fixed a non-printable keyname and added explicit void to 0-parameter function definitions. The virt-what package that is used to detect if a program is running in a virtual machine updated to version 1.25; the package now detects AWS arm virtual instances as KVM and added support for Alibaba Cloud Linux and VMware ESXi on arm. A few other packages were updated including newt 0.52.23 and qpdf 11.2.0.

NetworkManager 1.40.6 arrived in snapshot 20221204. It restored and set up an empty port configuration. The package also made some various documentation fixes and had a non-exported Application Binary Interface for the client library. An update of glib2 2.74.3 fixed a couple regressions and had a fix for GVariant type depths checks on text format variants. The low level core library also made a switch to a stricter Application Programming Interface because a GTask tag provided an error return path. Quite a few RubyGems rspec packages were updated. Besides the many that were bumped up to version number 3.12.0, the rubygem-rspec-mocks package had improvements for diff output when diffing keyword arguments against hashes. Macedonian translations using Weblate were made with the update of libstorage-ng 4.5.54 and a couple GNOME 43 packages were updated like gnome-software 43.2, which fixed search for apps providing some feature under rpm-ostree. Several other packages were updated in the snapshot.

An update of autoyast2 4.5.11 in snapshot 20221203 avoids a potential crash when an autoinst.ycp file is empty or missing. For those who don’t know, YCP stands for YaST Control Programming language, which was ported to Ruby through ycp-killer and other libraries and tools. An update of openblas_pthreads 0.3.21 had a few Intel SkyLakeX compilation fixes, and the package fixed a Power10 performance regression. A spec flag was introduced with the git + update to samba.

Snapshot 20221202 had Mozilla Firefox 107.0.1 fixed an issue where color management was not available for some users and the browser fixed another issue where the DevTools User Interface was not accessible when an alert dialog was displayed. A new class to allow for a unified definition of hardware architecture filters was added with the 4.5.20 yast2 update. An API fix was made in the gedit 43.2 update and some translations were made for the text editor as well. Vim was another text editor to receive an update in the snapshot, and it had some extensive fixes; vim 9.0.0978 fixed a crash when typing a letter in a terminal window, fixed a continuous integration failure in sound dummy, fixed leaking memory from autocmd windows and fixed an invalid memory access along with many other fixes. Several changes were made with the GTK3 3.24.35 update. The cross-platform widget toolkit fixes problems with motion compression, refactored handling of Instant-Messaging client updates, dropped an upstream patch and added support for titlebar gestures. Other packages to update in the snapshot were pango 1.50.12, hxtools 20221120, libostree 2022.7 and more.

Starting off the month pipewire was updated to version 0.3.61 in snapshot 20221201. It fixed a bug n audioadapter that could cause crashes when switching bluetooth profiles. The Linux and flac 1.4.2 , which is an audio format similar to MP3 that is compressed with flac without any loss in quality, made its console output more uniform across different platforms. The package for open source smart card tools and middleware, opensc, updated for version 0.23.0. The package had some general improvements and added support for symmetric encrypt and decrypt, wrap and unwrap operations, and an initialization vector. A couple other packages updated in the snapshot like freecell-solver 6.8.0 and kernel-firmware 20221130, which updated some firmware for for advance MediaTek) wifi chips.

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