Mentorship Community Plans Project Finalization, Submission

18. Jan 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Mentorship Community Plans Project Finalization, Submission

People interested in mentorship for this year’s Google Summer of Code as part of openSUSE’s application will conclude a finalization meetup on Feb. 7 at 15:30 UTC on the project’s Jitsi instance channel.

After the project meeting, the project will submit an application for the openSUSE Project being a mentorship organization for 2023.

A large group of people involved in the project participated in a workshop on Jan. 10 with a focus on increasing mentorship for the organization and listing project mentoring ideas. Participants brainstormed project ideas during the workshop on the event’s etherpad and created listings for the project’s mentorship repository.

Still, there is plenty of time for people who are interested in mentoring to create an issue on the mentorship repository; the submitter of the issue will be listed as the main mentor. Those who do submit a project idea should list all the details from the template and label it with a tag as either a large-size project (350 hrs) or medium-size project (175 hrs).

Those who did not attend the workshop are still encouraged to participate as a mentor if they have the time or interest. The mentorship efforts have proven over the years to introduce people into open-source development, the many projects openSUSE has and the interactions it has with many other open-source projects. The openSUSE Project lists it’s GSoC mentorship projects on

The openSUSE Project has a long tradition of participating in GSoC and has done it several times since 2006. If you have any questions about the GSoC application or want to help mentor a project on, email The application period is open between Jan. 23 and Feb 7, but mentors can add their project on now.

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