Hack Week Fun Begins

30. Jan 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Hack Week Fun Begins

The joy of Hack Week has begun!

This week is special for openSUSE and open-source contributors because it begins with the 22nd Hack Week and ends with the return FOSDEM, which is the globe’s largest open-source community event.

Hack Week runs through Feb. 3 and gives any open-source contributor a playground to experiment, innovate, collaborate and learn together.

Individuals and companies can join openSUSE contributors and development teams from SUSE for an entire week of collaborating on projects found at hackweek.opensuse.org.

Anybody can create, join or view projects listed on the site.

One of the projects listed in this year’s efforts is to investigate the current status of distrobox support of desktop environments. It looks to use GNOME as an example and check the desktop environments possible role to integrate with the gdm-container with the latest ALP image. Another project someone listed is to explore the immutable aspects of Steam Deck OS to gain some inspiration to help with ALP development.

Some projects are focusing on Rancher and Kubernetes. One project is looking at K3s Control Planes as a service and another projects looks to develop new functions to generate an upgrade image list from KDM JSON data.

Projects do more than just finding solutions and advance new technologies. One of the more popular projects aims to port some old classic 90s games like Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares.

There are more than 100 projects listed on the Hack Week site.

Companies, hobbyists and technologists are encouraged to participate. There is no affiliation one needs to participate in Hack Week. Just join and have a lot of fun!

Hack Week has been running since 2007 and the people involved with it have produced several useful open-source projects like Weblate, openQA and openSUSE MicroOS.

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