Tumbleweed Snapshots Update Mesa, Remmina, More

1. Feb 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed Snapshots Update Mesa, Remmina, More

Several snapshots have updated in openSUSE Tumbleweed before and during Hack Week.

Leading up to FOSDEM, more packages are arriving, but this blog will give a small overview of the snapshots that have arrived since the last Tumbleweed blog.

Three packages landed in the 20230130 snapshot. One of those packages was C library libHX 4.10. The package plugged a memory leak in the formatter and provided some multiplatform-directory handling. A Python Package Index that implements a text object that escapes characters, so it is safe to use in HTML and XML was updated. This python-MarkupSafe package updated to version 2.1.2 provides a striptags addition that does not strip tags containing newlines. An update of yast2-trans in the snapshot added multiple translations to include several for Macedonian and Georgian languages.

Setting sizes were fixed in snapshot 20230129 thanks to the btrfsprogs 6.1.3 update. The copy on write filesystem improved error messages for mismatched references. An update of the kdump package in the snapshot fixed a calibrate build on s390 along with a few other minor fixes. A couple of German translations using Weblate were made in the libstorage-ng 4.5.67 update. A couple other packages were updated in the snapshot. The rubygem-globalid’s 1.1.0 version fixed CVE-2023-22799, which was vulnerable to a regular expression denial of service. The other package to update was neon 0.32.5.

Mesa 22.3.4 removed some build requirements in snapshot 20230128. The package also fixed some performance issues with Vulkan on Wayland KWin. An update of pipewire 0.3.65 fixed an error in the AVX code that could cause crackling and it added an Advanced Linux Sound Architecture plugin rule to tweak some buffer settings. The Linux audio and video package also made support that allows compressed formats to be decoded in hardware using ALSA on some devices using tinycompress. Several other packages were updated in the snapshot.

Snapshot 20230127 updated remote desktop client remmina to version 1.4.29. The package had multiple changes to build and run with libsoup 3.0 and it allows for the building on a Wayland-only environment. An update of nodejs19 9.5.0 added a system control patch and a patch fixing unit test on s390. An update of GNU Compiler Collection 12 removed a patch that was included upstream and an update of xen took care of CVE-2022-42330 that could allow a malicious guest to cause a crash via a soft reset.

Both snapshot 20230126 and 20230125 arrived toward last week. A couple key packages respectively updated in those snapshots were bind 9.18.11, which fixed CVE-2022-3094, CVE-2022-3736 and CVE-2022-3924, and the new major version of libvirt; libvirt 9 had many incremental improvements and bug fixes. One of the new features it has is an external snapshot deletion that now makes it possible using the existing Application Programming Interface virDomainSnapshotDelete(); the flags that allow deleting children or children only are not supported.

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