Slowroll Distribution Keeps Name

26. Sep 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Slowroll Distribution Keeps Name

Choosing a name for anything is not an easy task; the detail can wield significant influence, which is why a survey to make a decision about renaming Slowroll was presented.

Slowroll is a new distribution based on Tumbleweed, but rolls out updates slower; it is designed to implement updates at a pace of one to two months, integrating bug fixes and addressing Common Vulnerability and Exposure issues as they emerge.

As will all things in open source, the name was presented along with the idea for the distribution and discussion took place about the details surrounding Slowroll. The origin of the name was self-describing the distribution, but other names for Slowroll were proposed, so the renaming of it was put to a vote. All names there were proposed were included in the survey.

That voting process concluded today with more than 1,000 votes cast by interested members of the open-source community. This enthusiastic involvement underscores the interest of the openSUSE user base and trajectory of the project. The top results are the following:

  1. Slowroll - 46.33%

  2. Driftwood - 25.91%

  3. Snowroll - 21.04%

  4. Drift - 20.51%

  5. Wave - 16.36%

  6. Orbit - 13.44%

  7. Lunar - 12.56%

  8. Tide - 12.47%

The percentages surpass the 100% threshold due to the respondents’ option to endorse multiple choices.

With an impressive 46.33% of the votes, the community found Slowroll to remain the best option to describe the naming of the distribution. The decision has been reached to retain the established name as it represents a communal vision and messaging in name.

Members of the project extend their gratitude and appreciation for all those who took the survey and contributed to this pivotal decision.

Anyone interested in making a logo for the new distribution can send design images to the project’s marketing telegram channel. The logo should be an .svg image and should complement other logos for the project that related to a branding direction being discussed on the project’s GitHub.

Thank you for being part of the journey, and have a lot of fun!

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