Survey to Explore openSUSE's Use Cases, More

27. Sep 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Survey to Explore openSUSE's Use Cases, More

A recently published openSUSE survey is asking IT professionals and users about their views on open-source technologies and the ever-evolving Linux ecosystem.

The Use Case Survey aims to gather insights on what will shape the future of Linux and its role in various industries. The survey has four groups with the potential of answering up to 30 questions based on the response of the first and only mandatory question. The survey can take less than 10 minutes depending on how in depth of details a surveyee would like to provide. The overarching themes and ideas of the survey are the following:

Understanding User Needs and Satisfaction

The survey kicks off by categorizing respondents based on their use of IT: work/business, home/hobby, or both. This segmentation helps tailor the approach to better serve the needs of the surveyee.

For those in the work/business category, the survey delves into IT services satisfaction. Those not satisfied have options to suggest improvement, and it explores the idea of future growth prospects for Linux.

Home and Hobby Enthusiasts

For those using Linux at home or for hobbies, the survey asks about their preferences among openSUSE’s offerings like Tumbleweed, Leap, MicroOS, and SlowRoll, and why these distributions appeal to users and developers.

Contributions and Open Source Involvement

As an open-source project, it makes sense to inquire about contributions to open-source projects and to openSUSE. This helps to recognize not only the use of open-source software and projects, but how much users are contributing to it.

This section asks all respondents about broader use of Linux beyond primary use cases. The aim is to help to understand the benefits respondents experience and the challenges they encounter. Respondents are encouraged to share their preferences for specific Linux distributions and their thoughts on emerging IT trends and technologies. The community members who came up with the survey are keen to understand if Linux is well-positioned to meet the market’s evolving needs with medium to long-term strategies.

The openSUSE’s Use Case Survey is not just a set of questions; it’s a collective effort to ensure that Linux continues to evolve to meet the diverse needs of its users and to make a brighter future for open-source technologies. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis from the results of the survey, which will run until Oct. 31.

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