Tumbleweed's Graphic Updates Shine

5. Oct 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed's Graphic Updates Shine

This week’s openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots brings clarity for graphics thanks to updates of multiple graphics and imaging packages.

Package updates for Mesa, GTK, ImageMagick, webkit2gtk3, GraphicsMagick and others arrived in openSUSE’s rolling release.

Mesa has in update in the latest snapshot to be released, 20231003. The 23.2.0 version of Mesa and Mesa-drivers has fixes for handling bindless images, limiting flag use to some color surfaces and enables the VK_EXT_mesh_shader extensions for the Vulkan graphics Application Programming Interface where supported. The update of gtk4 4.12.3 had widget enhancements, fixes a widget crash in the GIMP Toolkit library and memory leaks in the Broadway renderer. The 2.42.1 version of webkit2gtk3 addresses issues such as enabling the HTML5 database setting to properly control the IndexedDB API and switches a package to allow for flexibility in choosing different International Components for Unicode development packages. An update of GraphicsMagick 1.3.42 arrived in the snapshot that brought fixes for TIFF and for reading various BMP sub-formats. The Swiss Army knife of image processing also has new features include the ability to read and write BMP using JPEG compression and support for reading BMP files with PNG compression. An update of systemd 254.5 made some adjustments in the package spec file for better compatibility with Leap and SUSE Linux Enterprise. Several other packages were updated in the snapshot.

The versatile image manipulation software package ImageMagick updates to version in snapshot 20231001. This beta release addresses multiple static analyzer issues, eliminates compiler warnings and has some cosmetic changes. An update of php8 and apache2-mod_php8 8.2.11 address some RISC-V compatibility issues and a couple of memory leaks. An update of suse-module-tools 16.0.36 addresses a critical security vulnerability identified as CVE-2023-1829. This exploit could lead to a privilege in escalation. A command line device management update for the storage and transfer protocol enhances performance after allocating a payload buffer within the create-ns command; the nvme-cli 2.6 package also blacklists specific modules to address security and compatibility concerns. The package also has various improvements for plugins and utilities. The above package along with the update of libnvme has the most changes in the snapshot. The libnvme 1.6 update enhances Python compatibility, introduces some functions to parse and retrieve various features and has various improvements related to fabric handling, subsystem matching algorithms, and context checks. Several other packages were updated including a 1.2.0 beta version of xdg-utils, which enhances support for LXQt Desktop Environment, provides better handling of spaces in .desktop file paths and fixes some shell scripting.

The 20230929 snapshot updates the Mozilla Firefox browser to new major version 118.0.1. The update addresses 10 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures include a heap buffer overflow, memory leak, memory corruption and double-free problems. The browser also temporarily deactivates KDE integration while adding a patch. Another major update in the snapshot was argyllcms 3.0. This color management package has an extensive rewrite for icclib to ensure future-proofing, has new measuring features and fixes for instrument-related bugs. The update of gstreamer 1.22.6 and its several plugins fix latency regressions in the H.264, improves compatibility with various RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) and RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) servers and offers enhancements in signal printing for better clarity. The update of mpg123 1.32.2 addresses regressions from the 1.31 series and makes improvements to build logic and better handle large files. Several other packages updated in the snapshot including openssl-3 3.1.3, yast2-python-bindings major version 5.0.1 and more.

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