GPG, RubyGems, Kernel update in Tumbleweed

13. Oct 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

GPG, RubyGems, Kernel update in Tumbleweed

Snapshots of openSUSE Tumbleweed this week had a variety of package updates.

Both Mesa and ImageMagick, were among the packages updated both this week and last week in the rolling release.

The latest snapshot, 20231011, made some significant changes with the gpg2 2.4.3 update. The package installs internal executables in the /usr/libexec directory instead of /usr/lib64. The internal executables include daemon keyboxd, scdaemon, user authenticator gpg-auth, ` gpg-pair-tool` and more. The updated GPG also provides systemd-user files, which were removed upstream since version 2.4.1. The video acceleration package libva 2.20.0 enhances AV1 encoding, refines Direct Rendering Manager array handling to prevent out-of-range issues, and adds support for crop and partial decode JPEG. GNOME’s screen reader Orca, which provides accessibility for graphical applications through speech or Braille, updates to version 45.1. The package corrects a regression in bookmark support and fixes a bug that caused Orca to present custom widgets as images when it shouldn’t. German, Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian and Catalan languages were updated in a yast2-trans update. Several other packages were also updated in the snapshot.

Snapshot 20231010 updates NetworkManager-applet to version 1.34.0, which include fixes for a crash when importing WireGuard connections and the package streamlines dependencies and translations. A large update for rubygem-rubocop 1.56.3 addresses issues such as false positives and negatives for various cop rules, enhances the accuracy and reliability of rubocop in code analysis. The package also optimizes the performance and functionality of the Ruby code style checker. An update of clipboard manager for the Xfce panel, xfce4-clipman-plugin, updates to version 1.6.5 in the snapshot. The package has changes like hiding certain settings for Wayland, adds D-Bus call support with the set-text action, makes the clipboard manager an interface with both Wayland and X11 implementations and fixes a memory leak. The Hewlett-Packard image and printing package hplip 3.23.8 update includes support for a wide range of new printers that include models like the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP 4301 series, 4302 series, 4303 series, and various other HP DeskJet printers. A few other RubyGems packages were updated in the snapshot.

The Linux Kernel was updated in snapshot 20231008. The 6.5.6 kernel-source version has fixes related to Network File System error handling, O_DIRECT flag scheduling and locking issues. The Linux Kernel also addresses issues in media drivers, netfs, ext4, netfilter, Advanced Linux Sound Architecture for Embedded Systems and more. An update of NetworkManager 1.44.2 in the snapshot improves IPv4 Address Conflict Detection (ACD) logging. The package addresses issues related to generating connections with the IPv6 method disabled, enhances documentation and now uses explicit release tags. An update llvm17 17.0.2 has changes to maintain Application Programming Interfaces and Application Binary Interface compatibility with with LLVM version 17. The update of nodejs20 20.8.0 improves stream performance and does a rework of memory management in the Virtual Machine APIs as it relates to the importModuleDynamically feature. The package also includes updates to the test_runner, which now accepts testOnly in the run command, The update of LibreOffice addresses document layout issues, image rendering, compatibility, and more. Several other packages were updated in the snapshot including gnome-control-center 45.0+34, which addresses issues such as editing connections without a device and resolves a crash in the firmware security page.

A Common Vulnerability and Exposure was addressed by ImageMagick in snapshot 20231006. The version of the image editor doesn’t provide a description for CVE-2023-5341 other than saying it has moderate severity. The package also eliminates some warnings and compiler issues and addresses issues related to BMP file size checking and XMP profile validation. An update of GNOME Character Map gucharmap 15.1.1 changes to update Unicode version 15.1.0 and adds launchable information to metainfo. The project also removed a defunct mailing list. The essential utilities package shadow updates to version 4.14.1 in the snapshot. This update primarily addresses build system issues to resolve linker problems, particularly noted in Gentoo. Additionally, Alejandro Colomar has been added as a new stable branch maintainer to shadow.keyring. A few Python Package Index updates were made as well as updates to libXrandr and sg3_utils.

The snapshot toward the end of last week that came out just after the blog post update was 20231005. This snapshot brought Mesa 23.2.1, which implements the OpenGL 4.6 and Vulkan 1.3 APIs and brings some new extension features. An update of terminal emulator xterm 385 updates tables based on Unicode 15.1.0 and enhances the configure script. The 3.4.3 icewm version adds a preference for showing window titles in icon-only task buttons, adds support for tabs to switch between open windows and introduces a -f, --fork option for icewmbg to detach it from the terminal. Other software packages were updated in the snapshot including a few Xfce packages and an update libvirt 9.8.0, which enhances its support for network disks by using nbdkit as a backend for network Input/Output.

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