LLVM, VLC updates in Tumbleweed

10. Nov 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

LLVM, VLC updates in Tumbleweed

During Hack Week this weeek, openSUSE’s rolling release Tumbleweed still manages to send out four snapshots.

Software packages like LLVM, the Linux Kernel’s firmware, VLC and fwupd were just a few that landed on peoples’ systems after a zypper dup.

The arrival of kernel-firmware 20231107 in snapshot 20231108 enhances various hardware, including Intel Bluetooth firmware updates for several devices like AX201, AX203, AX210, AX211, and more. A update of sqlite3 3.44.0 brings the addition of aggregate functions like string_agg(), concat(), and concat_ws(), which aligns compatibility with other SQL projects. Some error handling table statements were refined that contribute to a more immediate error-identification process. Data compression package brotli updates to 1.1.0 and the build process now incorporates optimal flags and introduces a new command-line option --dictionary. Another package to update was libgusb 0.4.8 that introduces a new device error code for busy that enhances its capability to handle device errors more effectively.

Snapshot 20231107 updates the Linux Bluetooth protocol stack bluez to version 5.70. The update fixes problems related to Generic Attribute Profile (GATT) confirmations and it introduces support for Media Independent Command Protocol profile and the Mesh Independent Control Service while adding a patch to address a regression when pairing with game controllers. An update of gupnp 1.6.6 makes improvements to the resilience in handling unusual formatting during introspection, along with the addition of a new Application Programming Interface for creating actions in ServiceProxy. It also addresses memory leaks. An update of llvm17 17.0.4 was updated to ensure compatibility with 17.0.0 version along with maintaining API and Application Binary Interface consistency. The package did include libomptarget.devicertl.a in libomp*-devel for pivotal GPU offloading functionality. A few other packages were updated in the snapshot.

An update of yast2-trans in snapshot 20231106 involving translations via Weblate includes updates for Slovak, Czech, Dutch, Catalan, Japanese, and Indonesian languages among others. A new POT files for text domains like storage, installation, and update have been introduced. An update of jasper 4.1.0 introduces support for building various JasPer application programs for the WebAssembly target with WASI support. The update also resolves an integer overflow bug. A few other packages updated including openSUSE’s tool to manage systemd-boot sdbootutil. This git+ update focuses on enhancing the sdboot in snapper hooks, installing commands with specific snapshots and refining the behavior of sdbootutil within RPM scriptlets.

The 20231105 snapshot updates the super-thin layer on the DBus interface - fwupd. The 1.9.7 version includes additions such as child device requirements in metadata, new hardware support for Logitech Rally System devices. The update adds new security attributes for BIOS capsule updates, and expanded support for parsing Extended Display Identification Data and Concise Software Identifier payload sections. An update of VLC 3.0.20 was mainly focusing on bug fixes and improvements. There were some notable changes like addressing crashes associated with some older versions of AMD drivers and fixing event propagation problems on double-clicking with the mouse wheel. The 2.42.1 version update of git addresses issues related to the exit code handling in git diff and refines the behavior of rebase -i in scenarios where the command is interrupted by conflicting changes. A few other packages like openldap2 2.6.6 and redis 7.2.3 were updated along with several RubyGems packages, which saw rubygem-pairing_heap update from version 1.0.0 to version 3.0.1.

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