The Road to openSUSE Board Elections is Open

21. Nov 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Road to openSUSE Board Elections is Open

The openSUSE community began the process for openSUSE Board Elections 2023. The process is a celebration of community involvement and a cornerstone of our open-source spirit.

The elections are structured into three distinct phases, each playing a crucial role in selecting dedicated leaders to steer the project’s future.

Phase 0: Setting the Stage

Phase 0, which started Nov. 15, marks the initiation of the Board Election process. This period serves as the Call for Nominations and Applications for Board candidacy. Individuals interested in running for the openSUSE Board are urged to step forward, mindful of the significant two-year commitment required for the role. Candidates must be openSUSE members, and the Election Committee ensures a fair process by prohibiting committee officials from standing for election to avoid conflicts of interest. This process runs until Nov. 30.

Phase 1: Campaign and Awareness

Following the closure of the announcement process, Phase 1 starts on Dec. 1. This stage sparks the campaign period where candidates showcase their vision, plans, and aspirations for openSUSE. The community becomes the focal point of the campaigners.

Phase 2: Voting Time

Transitioning into Phase 2 on Dec. 15, the community takes center stage in influencing the project’s direction. Ballots open, allowing eligible members to cast their votes via a secure electronic system. Each vote is crucial and shapes the leadership that will guide openSUSE in the upcoming years. There are two seats available for this year’s board.

For any inquiries or clarifications, individuals can reach out to the committee at

By actively participating in the openSUSE Board Elections 2023, every member contributes to the shared vision of a stronger, more resilient open-source community.

The countdown has begun and we look forward to reading the announcements from the new candidates on the openSUSE Project mailing list.

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