Major Versions of PipeWire, Firefox arrive in Tumbleweed

30. Nov 2023 | Douglas DeMaio (Image by Jakub Steiner) | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Major Versions of PipeWire, Firefox arrive in Tumbleweed

Rolling release users of openSUSE Tumbleweed who did a zypper dup on and after Monday will have a couple new major version updates.

El Presidente made an appearance in snapshot 20231127 when the red carpets was rolled out for PipeWire; Its 1.0 major version, also known as “El Presidente,” brings significant enhancements and numerous fixes like resolving memory management issues related to memfd and dma-buf leaks during buffer uploads. This audio and video package for Linux introduces improvements in time reporting for Advanced Linux Sound Architecture affecting Interrupt Request, which results in reduced timing deviations. Documentation was enhanced and improvements were made with Bluetooth codecs, which introduces the [LC3 codec](; this is a the successor to the the SBC codec. Mozilla Firefox also had a major version update and took care of more than a handful of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. Its 120.0 version addresses several security vulnerabilities. CVE-2023-6204, which made it possible for a leak of memory data, was fixed and CVE-2023-6213, which showed evidence of memory corruption that was presumed to exploit the running of arbitrary code, was also fixed. The tool to query connected USB devices, usbutils, had version 017 resolve issues like displaying entries for devices with no interfaces and improving power/wakeup display via The changes also ensure better adherence to system libdir and includedir along with various other optimizations. The snapshot had icewm 3.4.4. The X window manager expands image format support for TIFF, WEBP, JXL, JP2, RAW, SVG, and TGA in icewmbg. The package has crash fixes, improves color interpretation for themes and provides a more stable and feature-rich user experience. The package for conversion between Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese Kanji (Shinjitai) opencc updates to 1.1.7 in the snapshot. It adds support for Python 3.12 and Node.js 20. A few other packages update in the snapshot along with transmission 4.0.4, which resolves issues such as metadata transmission to peers, memory allocation, file renaming collisions, and locale errors affecting number rounding in statistics display.

While snapshot 20231126 had no red carpet treatment for a new president, php8 8.2.13 arrived in the snapshot and demanded attention. The update resolves issues like double-free occurrences and incorrect behavior in various components like Opcache, OpenSSL, XMLReader and more. The update addresses error handling and potential crashes. An update of selinux-policy 20231124 fixes Bugzilla issue bsc#1216903 that involves an error message indicating a permission denied error when attempting to apply firewall rules. The update of libbpf 1.3.0 brings support for netfilter and introduces new section definitions, utility macros and extended functionalities for work with ring buffers. An update of libsolv 0.7.27 introduces zstd support for the installcheck tool, enhances compression capabilities, and implements the putinowndirpool cache. This new cache significantly accelerates file list handling within the repo_write function to enhance overall performance. A couple other packages were updated in the snapshot.

Just two packages were updated in snapshot 20231124. New versions of kernel-firmware-nvidia-gspx-G06 545.29.06 improves compatibility and functionality for a kernel module driver and another NVIDIA signing package was also updated in the snapshot.

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