Tumbleweed gets LLVM, Sudo, GCC Updates

8. Dec 2023 | Douglas DeMaio | CC-BY-SA-3.0

Tumbleweed gets LLVM, Sudo, GCC Updates

This week openSUSE Tumbleweed has been on a constant roll as consecutive snapshots arrive with fresh software updates.

MariaDB, GTK and gnome-software were part of a range of updates introduced this week, in addition to the ones highlighted in the headline.

Just two packages updated in snapshot 20231206. The Chinese lunar date library lunar-date has a new major version with the 3.0.1 update; it introduces a localized interface and changes the project option names. The package also updates its license as it has been changed to LGPL-2.1. The update of the rubygem-rubocop 1.58.0 package resolves issues like false negatives for various styles, improves some code quality and ensures more accurate autocorrections for different code patterns. The 1.58.0 rubygem-rubocop version was also updated in the Arm Tumbleweed 20231206 snapshot.

An update of snapshot gnome-shell 45.2 became available in snapshot 20231205. The release addresses several performance issues, improves GNOME’s application search function, and fixes bugs related to the on-screen keyboard. The update improves high-contrast styling, fixes tablet ring and strip mapping, addresses some crashes and updates translations. There were bug fixes that caused unnecessary reloading of the trip query with gnome-maps 45.2. Various enhancements were made with the fwupd 1.9.10 update along with bug fixes. Notable additions were support for not_hardware requirements and loongarch64 microprocessors. The update improves USB claim retry count configuration, enforces version requirements, hides sensitive information in debugging logs, and refines device-specific functionalities, such as Wacom USB device emulation. An update of sudo 1.9.15p2 addresses sudo -l command warning messages, enhances security against rowhammer attacks, and makes improvements to log messages for better user understanding and system security. An 123 version update of the application development toolkit for controlling system-wide privileges, polkit introduces enhanced safety measures, such as deeper restrictions on configuration files, owner restriction for the daemon under systemd, and improves sandboxing within systemd units with the aim to better system security. An update of sqlite3 3.44.2 rectifies issues such as CLI mistakes, Full-Text Search (FTS5) problems identified during internal testing and compiler warnings in debug builds with GNU Compiler Collection 16. The snapshot had updates for hwdata 0.377, ncurses 6.4.20231202 and more. Many of the same packages updated in the Arm Tumbleweed 20231205 snapshot.

Several Qt 6 subpackages updated in snapshot 20231204. The 6.6.1 version of qt6-base fixes QMenuBar functionality limitations and corrects errors related to QFont’s feature Application Programming Interfaces. The update of qt6-wayland 6.6.1 fixes crashes related to texture orphanage and fixes issues with drag and drop with a Wayland display. An update of ibus 1.5.29 enhances Continuous Integration (CI), adds signals to PostProcessKeyEvent, which prevents a tab from being committed by the Input Method and fixes key typing, Emoji, and Unicode issues. The libguestfs 1.51.8 package, which is a tool for accessing and modifying virtual machine (VM) disk images, adds a --chown option for virt-customize and a new --tar-in operation. A few other packages were updated in the snapshot.

An update of snapshot llvm17 17.0.6 landed in snapshot 20231203. The update for the compiler and toolchain package includes rebase patches, adjustments to the versioned executables for better support, and standardizes the management of clang-cpp using update-alternatives akin to other binaries for smoother operation. The 11.1.2 version of mariadb includes several fixes related to unwanted binary locations, memory constraints on ppc64le and skipped tests. An update of the a calendar widget for Chinese lunar library lunar-calendar 3.0.1 involves a modification of the license that transitions to LGPL-2.1 from the previous licensing terms.

An update of gnome-software 45.2 came in snapshot 20231202 and primarily focuses on translations updates for multiple languages, according to the changelog. An older GNU Compiler Collection had a git update with gcc13 13.2.1+git8109. It had fix for building MariaDB on i686 systems and implements changes related to LLVM dependency. An update of inkscape 1.3.2 addresses a data loss issue and corrects a saving error related to some shapes and 3D boxes. The app for organizing personal data and scheduling, evolution, updates to version 3.50.2 and fixes a crash and a memory leak; it also fixes an issue with the search functionality. The gtk4 4.12.4 update improves accessibility name computation, fixes memory format table errors, updated translations and makes some additional refinements.

The snapshot starting off the week was 20231201. An update of perl 5.38.2 fixes two Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. One of those was CVE-2023-47038, which occurs when a crafted regular expression is compiled by perl. The other was CVE-2023-47039. Snapper 0.10.7 addresses issues related to diff for Logical Volume Manager-based configs and SystemCmd accepting a collection of strings. An update of iproute2 6.6 removes several features and adds backup support in the bridge along with adjustments for the security protocol suite. Other packages to update in the snapshot were ethtool 6.6, gpgme 1.23.2 and more.

Two other Arm Tumbleweed snapshots this week were 20231204 and 20231203.

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