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openSUSE Shop Now Live!

January 10th, 2008 by

We proudly announce shop.openSUSE.org. This is the place to find official openSUSE gear: T-shirts, mugs, caps, bags and more are available.


As many times requested by the community the shop will fulfill the need to offer openSUSE branded gear to a large audience at a reasonable price. The shop itself is driven by an external shop provider who offers us a broad variety of different products to sell. We are bound to his selection. If you wanna see more or other products out there or just want to give us feedback please contact us at shop@opensuse.org

Have a lot of fun!

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4 Responses to “openSUSE Shop Now Live!”

  1. Duuu… There is not all the products on the Americas shop :(

  2. dougk

    Yes, unfortunately no mugs and stickers. Good clothing though. I am going to cross my fingers that the build service onesie comes out in the US shop, that will get good stares when my son wears it.

  3. Embedded

    How about stickers. Roll of 10 and 25 for PC’s to remove XP and Vista stickers and replace them.

    GREEN OPENSUSE Graphic and openSuSE.org printing.

    Ask AMD for stickers as well.

    System76 sends these out for ubuntu for free.

    No Mugs.

    • michl

      We’re bound to the stuff the shop provider offers. The sticker idea is very good and we had some time age exactly those stickers for openSUSE. I check if we can produce some and make available at events or through the community.